$637 Boyanup beef steers

31 Jul, 2002 10:00 PM

A VERY small yarding of 200 cattle was penned at the Wesfarmers Landmark store cattle sale held at Boyanup last Friday, due to almost half of the advertised numbers being withdrawn at the last minute.

This was understood to be caused by the abundant feed in the south west, with buyers also keen to purchase to stock the paddocks before the spring flush.

A large contingent of buyers were in attendance and competed strongly on the stock on offer, which was predominantly young poddie-type cattle.

The few beef steers presented achieved the sale top price of $637, with this being paid for four Angus cross steers from MW & BD Treloar, Boyup Brook.

These 375kg cattle were offered live weight and made 170c/kg.

Friesian heifers reached a high of $610, with very young beef cross heifers selling for "extreme values" when they peaked at $550 for a line of five month old calves.

The sale commenced with a line of four Limousin cross steers from AD & CM Eatts, Yornup, with these selling for $546 to W Martin, Collie.

This buyer then purchased the top price steers for $637 from the Treloars, Boyup Brook, and another three of their cattle for $567.

The volume vendor on the day was Geoff Decampo, Manjimup, who offered more than 80 poddies at the sale.

The first line of Geoff's four Angus cross calves sold to John Valli, Dardanup, for $350.

Mr Valli then picked up the next two lines of poddies, paying $350 for four bucket reared calves from CW Avery, Busselton, and $352 for a single Hereford-Angus cross poddie offered by Piggott Trust.

Ralph Mosca, Wesfarmers Landmark, Harvey, then paid $324 for three Hereford cross calves form Piggott Trust, with Willowbank, Benger, buying the last pen of beef poddies for $300.

Kevin Taylor, Tutunup, offered the first line of Friesian poddies which sold for $386 for the pen of 12, with Glenluce Livestock Cowaramup, named as the buyer.

Several pens of the Decampo calves from Manjimup were then auctioned, with Glenluce buying a line of 15 at $400, Elders Donnybrook, picking up 15 for $362 and another 22 selling to Ed Russell for $332.

CW Avery, Busselton, then sold three lines of Friesian poddies, with all knocked down to Mark Talbot, Brunswick.

A line of six sold for $300, four at $280, and three went for $250.

In the absence of any number of steers, beef heifers attracted good competition, with five "black with white faces" from Boyup Brook, selling to "Dairydale" Capel, for $513, to get this section off to a good start.

Another line of six heifers from AD & CM Eatts,Yornup, went to the same buyer at $438, while B J& CF Prowse saw their 11 heifers sell to WG Trigwell, Busselton, at $400.

The first cross heifers, selling for $550, were trucked to the sale by JL & DL Roney, Elgin, and the nine Angus cross calves were purchased by Daniel Delaney, Wesfarmers Landmark, Manjimup.

This buyer then bid to $450 to secure two heifers from CW Avery, Busselton.

Seven older Friesian heifers, guaranteed breeders, made $610 for Kevin Taylor, Tutunup, with Willowbank, Benger, the purchaser.

CW & JA Avery, Busselton also sold Friesian heifers to Daniel Delaney, Manjimup, with four making $500 and another line of six knocked down for $465.



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