$800 Boyanup beef steers

27 Jun, 2001 10:00 PM

YET another screamer of an Elders sale saw beef steers fetch a tremendous $800/head at Boyanup last Friday.

This was for a line of 16 big black steers consigned by long-time sale supporter Jack Telini, Ferguson, and the demand continued in the younger Friesian steer offering which were a good $15 to $20 dearer.

(Two bucket-reared steers from TAL Wareham also fetched $800 and were bought by Robbie Gibbings, Elders, Capel)

The sale was coordinated by Mal Barrett and Paul Reilly who declared themselves well pleased with the result where 618 cattle were sold to average $508/head, a similar result to the Brunswick sale the previous week where $514 was the average.

The top prices in the Friesian offering were paid for small lines - $680/head for two big bullocks consigned by BW & KM Kelly, $618 for two smaller bullocks sent in by KP Scott & Son and $600 for one nice soft steer from TAL Wareham.

Rob Gibbings bought the $680 steers, while Errol Gardiner, Elders, Harvey, bought the $618 pair and the $600 singleton.

In the bigger lines $602 was top for 15 steers sent in by JP Giumelli and these were bought by Errol Gardiner, Elders, Harvey, who also bought the 12 steers in first pen at $600.

Elders' Ross Tyson, Busselton, bought 12 steers in pen two from the same vendor for $550, purchasing on behalf of JH Ayres.

Pen three contained 20 Friesian steers from Capel farmer Terry Bell and these were bought at $560 by Bill Leiper, Glenluce, Cowaramup, who also bought another 20 Bell steers at $536, 11 from G & RM Telini at $520, plus 11 at $516 from JP Giumelli & Son.

JG & TJ Rose saw value in the younger steers and bought three at $492 from DW & K Kemp and another four at $492 from DH & K Lindberg.

The beef steers kicked off with the sale of the two Wareham $800 steers followed by the purchase of 16 light red and white steers at $776 by Elders, Capel, on behalf of BH Smith.

These were Jack Telini's cattle as were the next 16 big black steers which fetched the $800 equal top and were also bought by BH Smith.

BW & KM Jilley sold two black steers at $734 and these were bought by VA & MP Wright, who also bought two younger Jilley steers at $648.

Don Page, Elders, Margaret River, bought 19 young black steers at $502 on behalf of Topperville Grazing, Forest Grove. They were consigned by PT & NS Reilly.

In the heifers, $592 was top for 14 big heifers sent in by K & ME Waters, with the buyer being Paul Reilly, Elders and not far behind in price at $590 were five bucket-reared heifers from F Slee & Son, with Paul Reilly the buyer on behalf of J & N Mighalls.

Dongora Livestock's six bucket-reared, guarantee unmated Friesian heifers fetched $585 and were bought by CT Hynes.

In the cow-calf department $810 was top for five big bos Indicus cows with well-grown calves at foot. The buyer of these cattle sent in by J McPhee was South Park who also bought a Charolais-Murray Grey bull consigned by D Galonski for $700.



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