Angus award to Koojan Hills

28 Jan, 2004 10:00 PM

IT was a modest Lew Smit, Koojan Hills, Kojonup, who accepted the 2003 Strathtay trophy at the Angus Society's AGM last Friday.

Prior to the announcement, Angus Society of WA president Greg Petricevich explained that finding a winner each year was a challenging task.

"Many breeders are working really hard," he said.

The competition has been strong in the show ring and the results from some of the sales have been staggering.

"It is nothing short of awesome," he said.

It isn't the first time that Lew has had his named emblazoned on the trophy, which is awarded to an individual or group that achieves success in promoting the Angus breed.

Success is defined in the showring, carcass competition, or from the sale of stud or commercial stock, or from setting a high standard in the breeder's chosen field, whereby earning the respect of Angus breeders generally.

The stud's winning year began at the Koojan Hills-Strathtay combined bull sale in February, where it exceeded the expectations of the vendors, agents and buyers.

In a year of subdued averages, Koojan Hills achieved a remarkable $7522 average for 27 Angus bulls, an increase of $674 on the previous year, a top price of $14,000, and six prices that reached over the $10,000 mark.

To Lew though, it was all in a day's work.

"I wasn't expecting to win as I hadn't really even thought about it, so many people do so much throughout the year," he said.

"It is a great honour, and a pleasure, to be involved in the Angus industry.

"As breeders we talk a lot of bulldust at times, but the truth is that we have a breed with a wonderful array of traits and I love working with them and the society."

In 1993 Lew was also awarded for the hard work and commitment he shows to the breed.

Lew has been actively involved in the Angus Society, in capacities both in WA and nationally for a number of years.

He was the president of the federal board for three years and he continues to be a federal member today.

Koojan Hills has taken the last plaque space available on the Strathtay trophy, following on from a worthy list of winners including Little Meadows (2002), Phil Petricevich (2001), Cookalabi (2000) and Denalong (1999).


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