Barlyne bull to $8000 at Fitzroy sale

27 Aug, 2012 02:00 AM

STRONG buying support from regular buyers and a quality line-up of bulls from Queensland vendors ensured last week's PGA Kimberley Division Bos Indicus Bull Sale at Fitzroy Crossing pushed prices to a top of $8000.

When the final bull left the ring, the Westcoast Livestock selling team had cleared 122 bulls of the 148 offered at an average of $2750, which was up $85 on last year.

Last year's sale occurred the week the live export market re-opened to Indonesia and 135 bulls sold from 154 offered at an average of $2665 and to a top of $5250.

There is no doubt the last 12 months, as result of the ban on live export to Indonesia last year, have been hard on northern cattle pastoralists and this was evident in the sale with buyers being reluctant to purchase grey bulls as well as not having the same budgets to spend on new genetics.

Westcoast Livestock auctioneer Neil Foale said overall they were reasonably happy with the outcome of the sale given the issues producers had faced in the north of the State in the last 12 months.

"It was just really the Grey Brahmans which put a dampener on the sale as we struggled to sell these because of the reduced markets to Indonesia where these type of cattle usually go," Mr Foale said.

"In view of the last 12 months and the issue with Indonesia we probably got out of the sale quite well and it could have been a lot worse.

"The buyers were still chasing bulls but the depth of money was not there as it has been in the past.

"Some of the vendors were a little bit disappointed and were hoping for more but they do realise the reasons why it wasn't as strong as they hoped."

Taking top price honours in this year's sale at $8000 was a well-structured, smooth, well-muscled, deep red Queenslander bull from the Barlyne stud, Gayndah, Queensland.

The 23-month-old, polled, very square bull, Barlyne 1474 (P), was purchased by Wellard Rural Exports and is destined for a breeding program in Pakistan.

The early-maturing, soft, good fleshing sire was by Alma Handel 810 and out of Barlyne Goldilocks 785.

Along with purchasing the top-priced bull, Wellard Rural Exports also purchased three Red Brahmans, three Grey Brahmans, two Droughtmasters and one Red Brangus.

Wellard Group executive chairman Mauro Balzarini said the bulls purchased by Wellard Rural Exports would be exported to Pakistan.

"The bulls will go into a cattle breeding program run by one of our commercial partners, which Wellard is helping to establish," Mr Balzarini said.

"Pakistan is trying to build up its beef herd and the program was looking for some new genetics to introduce to improve the herd.

"These bulls will do well as they are ideally suited to the climate in Pakistan.

"We are also providing management support to the program to help them get the most out of their genetics.

"Pakistan is just one of the countries where Wellard is active in supplying cattle for breeding programs as part of its broader export business."

p Red Brahman

The Red Brahman breed led the sale and got it off to a flyer with the 51 bulls offered all selling at an average of $2549 and to a top of $3000 on five occasions.

In comparison, at last year's sale 46 Red Brahman bulls were offered and sold for an average of $2511.

Leading the way in the Red Brahmans with one of the biggest teams was the Muan stud, Biggenden, Queensland, which offered and sold 13 bulls for an average of $2500.

Included in its sales were two of $3000 top-priced bulls which were bought by Jubilee Pastoral Co, Fitzroy Crossing and Ruby Plains station, Halls Creek.

Also taking a liking to the Barlyne Greys was GoGo station, Fitzroy Crossing, which purchased three sires all at $2250.

Next into the ring was an offering of eight bulls from WFS & LJ Innes, which all sold for an average of $2406.

Taking four bulls from the Innes offering all at $2250 was Lamboo station, Halls Creek, while SAWA Pastoral Co purchased two bulls at $2500 and $2250.

The Rathlyn stud, Clermont, Queensland, offered and sold two bulls and these were purchased by SAWA Pastoral Co at $2250 and Ruby Plains station at $2250.

Offering the equal biggest team was the Barlyne stud which offered and sold 13 bulls to a top of $3000 and an average of $2596.

Taking the top Barlyne bull at $3000 was Wellard Rural Exports for its Pakistan consignment.

SAWA Pastoral Co continued its buying spree of Red Brahmans securing six bulls from the Barlyne stud paying $2500 for four and $2250 for two, while Meda station, Derby, purchased three all at $2750.

The seven bulls offered by the Rodlyn stud, Bell, Queensland, all found homes when they sold for an average of $2786 and a top of $3000 twice.

Taking both the bulls to sell at $3000 and another at $2750 was Blina station, Derby, while Ruby Plains also purchased three at $2750 twice and $2500.

The run of Red Brahmans finished on a draft of eight offered by AWP Sorley, Alma Park stud, Bell and again SAWA Pastoral Co was the most active buyer securing four all at $2500 to help the stud achieve a total clearance and an average of $2563.

p Queenslander

Along with the top price bull of the sale coming from this section of the sale there were also some other solid results recorded to help the breed finish with an average of $3906 for the eight bulls offered and sold.

Along with the top-priced bull, the Barlyne stud also sold the second top-priced bull of the sale in this section at $6500.

The very fleshing, early maturing bull, Barlyne 1508 (P) was purchased at this price by return buyers Wellard Agri, which will use the bull over Droughtmaster cows on its Dongara property.

Jubilee Pastoral Co also took a liking to the Barlyne bulls, securing three at $3500, $3000 and $2750.

By the end of its run the Barlyne stud had offered and sold seven Queenslander bulls for an average of $4071.

The only other stud to sell a Queenslander was the Muan stud and its sole bull was snapped up by Jubilee Pastoral Co as well at $2750.

p Grey Brahman

The Grey Brahmans took a bit of a hit in the sale with the clearance well down compared to the other breeds.

In the run four studs offered 36 bulls but in the end only 23 sold under the hammer but the breed did achieve a strong average of $2804, which was up $400 on last year.

The top price in this section of the catalogue was $3500 which occurred on three occasions.

Achieving the $3500 top price first was the Bar Boot stud, Longreach, Queensland, when it sold two bulls, Bar Boot Digger and Bar Boot Demon, at this price to Wellard Rural Exports, as part of the Pakistan consignment.

Both were 26-month-old and by Ponderosa Winchester.

Wellard Rural Exports also paid $3250 for a third Bar Boot.

Also taking a liking to the Bar Boot stud bulls was Ruby Plains station which secured four sires including two at $3000.

Picking up seven bulls from the Bar Boot stud at an average of $2534 was Mowanjum Pastoral Co.

Included in its purchases were three bulls at $2750.

Mowanjum Pastoral Co didn't stop there and in the grey Brahman run as it secured four bulls from the Rathlyn stud to a top of $3500 and an average of $3000.

Rathlyn also sold another three bulls to a top of $3000 twice to Christmas Creek station.

The Ahern Cattle Co, Gayndah, Queensland, sold two bulls in the run both at $2250 with the buyers being GoGo station and Lamboo station.

p Droughtmaster

The Droughtmaster breed was the second biggest by number in the sale with 38 bulls offered by eight studs.

By the end of the Droughtmaster run 31 bulls had sold for an average of $2621 and to a top of $5500.

Topping the section at $5500 was Comanche Dipper 544/1 top-priced bull was sold by the Comanche stud, Glenroy, Queensland, and purchased by Jubilee Pastoral Co.

Jubilee Pastoral Co also paid $4750 for a second Comanche bull.

Jubilee Pastoral Co continued its buying spree in LR & LJ Phillip, Sevenell and Lynsey Park stud's run purchasing three bulls to a top of $3000 to help the Phillips clear five of their seven bulls at an average of $2550.

The only Lilivale bull to sell was also purchased by Jubilee Pastoral Co at $2250 and by the end of the Droughtmaster run the operation had secured a total of 11 bulls.

The Rodlyn stud offered and sold six bulls to an average of $2375 and to a top of $2500 on three occasions.

Two of its top bulls were purchased by Jubilee Pastoral Co, while GoGo station purchased two bulls at $2250.

The Wynwood stud, Bell, Queensland, offered and sold three bulls for an average of $2917.

Wellard Agri and Ruby Plains station both purchased a Wynwood bull at $3250.

Wellard Agri, also bought two other bulls from Rodlyn and Comanche at $2500 to go with the Queenslander bull it purchased where they will be used over Droughtmaster females on its Dongara property.

The Alma stud, Bell, Queensland, offered seven bulls in the sale but only managed to sell three, all at $2250.

Two of the Alma bulls were purchased by Camp Cattle Co, Kalyeeda station, Fitzroy Crossing.

Offering and selling three Droughtmaster bulls was the Alma Park stud, Bell.

The stud averaged $2333 and achieved a top of $2500 with Wellard Rural Exports being the purchaser.

Securing the sole bull from the Almvale stud, Barambah, Queensland, at $2500 was Ruby Plains station.

p Charbray

Two studs offered 12 Charbray bulls and when the last one left the ring six had been sold at an average of $2708.

The top price for the breed was $3750 and this was achieved by the Rodlyn stud when the bull was knocked down to Warambie station, Roeburne.

The Rodlyn stud also sold a second bull for $2250.

The second stud to offer Charbray bulls was the Adhern Cattle Co which offered six bulls and sold four to a top of $3000 and an average of $2708.

The top Adhern bull was purchased by Ruby Plains station, which also purchased a second Adhern Charbray at $2250.

p Red Brangus

The Red Brangus breed made its first appearance at the sale this year with the Redline stud, Eidsvold, Queensland, offering and selling three bulls to a top of $4750 and an average of $4083.

The $4750 top-priced bull, Redline 1/200 (P) was purchased by Wellard Rural Exports for the Pakistan operation.

The other two Red Brangus bulls offered by Redline were both purchased by Warambie station at $3750.


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