Baston seeks info

25 Jul, 2013 02:00 AM
Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston is in Indonesia.
Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston is in Indonesia.

IT has turned out to be almost perfect timing for Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston to be in Indonesia this week.

Rumours are circulating about the removal of beef and live cattle import quotas on the back of last week's announcement of a further 25,000 head of cattle order for Ramadan.

While reports are rampant in Indonesian press, live exporters have heard no official word on the changing of quotas.

But with Mr Baston in the country meeting with Indonesian counterparts, including Indonesian Agriculture Minister Suswono, there is hope he can shed some light on the situation.

The reported removal of quotas was made by the Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan, but a meeting with him is not on Mr Baston's itinerary.

"There is a need to seek clarity on the parity price and how the process will work," Mr Baston said.

"The WA-Indonesian office will continue to monitor the situation and I'll be meeting with my Indonesian counterparts this week and hopefully will be able to gain some more detailed information."



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