BJD detected in Qld herd

26 Nov, 2012 10:18 AM

BOVINE Johne’s disease has been detected in a stud beef cattle herd near Rockhampton.

Queensland chief veterinary officer Rick Symons issued a statement this morning saying that the herd appears to have been infected for many years, but the source of infection is not clear at this time.

BJD does not pose a risk to human health.

The name of the stud or the breed of cattle involved have not been released.

Biosecurity Queensland is working with the owner to develop a plan aimed at managing and eradicating the disease from the property and retaining the leading genetics of the herd.

"There have been substantial cattle movements between the affected property and other properties, including major stud and commercial cattle properties in Queensland and interstate," the statement reads.

"These movements are being traced and risk assessments will be undertaken to determine the potential spread of disease.

"The Queensland Government and the national beef industry are working together to prevent any further spread of infection with the aim of eradicating the disease from the state.

"Biosecurity Queensland officers are contacting affected producers to provide information and contain the risk of disease spread.

"It is very important that any producer who holds cattle from this property seeks advice from their private veterinarian or Biosecurity Queensland.

"Producers are strongly advised not to cull these cattle, as that could result in lengthy delays in resolving the risk of infection.

"Bovine Johne’s disease is a serious disease of cattle and other ruminant species. The disease can cause chronic diarrhoea or ill-thrift, leading to emaciation and eventually death. There is no effective treatment and it is not a risk to human health.

"Queensland has maintained a very low prevalence of Johne’s disease through requirements for entry of stock to the state and by rigorous control of known or suspected infection."

For more information call 13 25 23, or visit


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