Brunswick cow units to $1170

21 Aug, 2002 10:00 PM

ELDERS yarded in excess of 1100 cattle at the Brunswick Store Sale last Friday, which was well above the advertised number.

Cows and calves topped the sale at $1170.

The quality throughout was outstanding and all types of cattle were sought after, with dairy heifers and beef cows and calves attracting the strongest prices on the day.

The sale dispelled any thought that confidence in the beef industry may have been weakening.

The top priced cows and calves, at $1170, were paid for eight Murray Grey units in the C & L Davis, Waroona, herd dispersal.

Friesian heifers sold to strong competition, with these reaching a high of $1050, for 11 heifers sold by Occur, and were amongst the many bought on the day by Willowbank, Benger.

Beef heifers made to $830, beef steers $762 and dairy steers topped at $680.

The sale commenced on the dairy steers, with the first pen offered making the $680 Friesian steer top price, the 10 steers sold by Kau & Son, Yarloop, being purchased by Armstrong Partners.

The next line of ten steers, also from the Kau family,and making $610, sold to Ralph Mosca, Wesfarmers Harvey, who was buying on behalf of Wesfarmers Busselton. Seven steers sold by DF Riegert, Yarloop, made $678, again purchased by Armstrong Partners.

These were followed by two lines of local Q certificate cattle from JH Clarke & Co, with the lines of eight and nine cattle both making $622, and going to the bid of Kevin Armstrong.

A pen containing ten sleek steers made $650 for Kau and Son, with these knocked down to Harvey Beef.

Younger Friesian steers sold consistantly between $500 and $600, while dairy poddies sold strongly with most returning values between $350 to $480 .

Neville and Elaine Haddon, Busselton, offered 79 young Yallaroo blood Hereford cross steers, with VA & NP Wright buying the first line of 12 for $612.

Ross Tyson, Elders Busselton, outlaid $580 for another 12 ,while Wesfarmers Brunswick purchased lines at $568, $550 and $534.

These averaged $564 for the 79 steers offered by the Haddons.

The sale then moved on to the older beef steers where seven Angus steers from J & M Teale, Ruabon, topped at $762, with another line of this vendor's steers making $732, with Robert Gibbings, Elders Capel, buying both pens, and later paying $686 for another 15 of the Teale's steers.

Other happy vendors in this section were DF & J Riegert, Harvey, when their five steers sold for $702, going to VA & NP Wright.

Eight steers from AH George & Son, Brunswick, were another line to reach $700, when Robert Gibbings was named as the buyer of the eight black steers in the line.

Dairy farmers and live exporters competed strongly on the dairy heifers on offer, with 11 cattle from Occur selling to Willowbank, Benger, for $1050. Wilowbank purchased five heifers from P & R Allingham at $950, 13 for $920 from Occur, and four from T Pratico, Greenbushes, for $1020.

Willowbank was the successful bidder on all three lines offered by CJ Jenkins, Scott River, paying $940 for lines of five and 11, and $790 for 17 very young heifers.

Due to the sale of their property C & L Davis, Waroona, offered their Murray Grey breeding herd, which attracted strong competition.

Elders Karridale bought eight mated heifers for $830 and a line of six, same description, for $730.

This buyer also outlaid $650 for ten unmated heifers, with Weldon Beef, Williams, buying 10 at $600.

The cows and calves in the Davis offering reached a high of $1170, with Valley View, Mumballup, paying this for a line of eight.

Two lines of these cows and calves went to Brookton, when PA Meacham bid to $1060 for six, and $1120 for another pen of the same number.

Cattle were trucked to the sale from Lake Grace, with some of these returning to that district after at least getting a look at some green grass. Vendors WR & CM Willcocks sold ten Murray Grey cows and calves for $1030 to Armstrong Partners, also three Charolais units to Wesfarmers Brunswick, at $1010, and a pen of seven Angus at $950, with this last line purchased by Elders Lake Grace.

The Willcocks sold three mated heifers to LM Flemming,Wokalup, for $740, and 12 Angus heifers to Armstrong Partners at $610, making them very happy sellers at the end of the sale.



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