Cattle Council backs NFF restructure

23 Dec, 2008 03:58 PM
Greg Brown, Cattle Council of Australia.
Greg Brown, Cattle Council of Australia.

Cattle Council has welcomed the new membership and organisational structure of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) agreed late last week at an industry meeting in Canberra.

The change to the constitution opens the door for associate membership to NFF for those involved in the business of primary production.

Associate members are limited to no more than 40pc stake in voting rights.

This means the total number of votes in aggregate, on a resolution or policy decision, may not exceed 40pc of all votes on that resolution.

“This is a significant moment in Australian Agri-politics.

"The new structure is a necessary step forward towards ensuring the long term viability of the NFF,” said Greg Brown, Cattle Council President.

“If NFF is strong and managing the issues that affect all farmers, Cattle Council can concentrate efforts on beef specific issues,” said Mr Brown.

The NFF has been the national voice for farmers for 29 years.

However, times have changed and National Farmer representation needs to account for the whole agricultural sector.

Cattle Council hopes this change will strengthen policy development through wider representation and engagement with all producers.

“Australian producers need to get behind the NFF and be positive.

I implore people to get involved with your state farming organisation and take control of your future,” Mr Brown concluded.


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