Feedlots re-open for business

26 Dec, 2008 06:40 AM
Mark Irrgang is in charge of running S Kidman and Co's Tungali feedlot - a tight margin operation at Sedan, SA.
Mark Irrgang is in charge of running S Kidman and Co's Tungali feedlot - a tight margin operation at Sedan, SA.

The gates of S Kidman and Co's Tungali feedlot are open for business again and filling up with large numbers of South Australian cattle.

High grain prices forced the Tungali property at Sedan, SA, to close in November last year, but Kidman's livestock manager Will Abel Smith says the feedlot is back in full swing.

"When high grain prices hit $419 a tonne for barley we were not profitable, but prices under the new harvest have fallen and it is certainly a profitable time for us to operate now," Mr Abel Smith said.

Most of the cattle in the feedlot will be sold to domestic trade including T&R Pastoral, Cargill and Teys at Naracoorte, with 450 of the cattle destined for the Japanese export market.

Domestic Angus and Black Baldy cattle are brought into the feedlot at about 350 kilos, fed for 70 days and leave at an average of 260 to 300 kilos deadweight.

Export cattle come in at 450kg with the company aiming to get their weight up to 370 kg deadweight.

Santa Angus cross export cattle eat 16 kilos of grain and supplements each day, while the domestic ones consume about 12 kilos.

While 1200 cattle have already been moved to Tungali, Mr Abel Smith says the feedlot will be filled to its capacity of 3500 by the end of January, 2009.

Kidmans recently bought 7000 Watervalley steers from large-scale south-east pastoralist Tom Brinkworth.

A majority of the steers are destined for Kidman's Anna Creek Station, Macumba and Queensland's channel country, but some have been selected for the SA feedlot.

Stock Journal, SA, December 25


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