Heifers to $714 at Margaret River

27 Jun, 2001 10:00 PM

IN spite of some last minute withdrawals, Dirk Hardey, Wesfarmers Cowaramup Agencies, still managed to yard close to the advertised number of cattle at the store sale held in warm sunshine at Margaret River on Thursday, June 21.

The sale commenced with a line-up of excellent Friesian steers which topped at $714, but perhaps the feature of the day was when Laurie Henderson sold a pen of 17 young Friesian heifers for $580.

"You had better make that a feature of your report," a sale regular commented as soon as they were knocked down, "that would be over a $100 more than any sale elsewhere".

Beef steers were restricted to only small numbers in each lot, but these peaked at $620 for a single steer sold by Watkins and Wilson, Cowaramup. The lines of cows and calves reached $715 for two Angus cross animals sold by G Veary, Augusta, and bought by Glenluce Livestock.

The opening pen of five Friesian steers that made $714 was offered by South Park, Margaret River, and was the first lot bought on the day by Rusty Miller, Elders Waroona.

Watkins and Wilson, Cowaramup, sold nine steers for $680 to Cowaramup Agencies and another 15 to Rusty Miller at $676.

Ray Scott, Cowaramup, was happy with the $688 his 11 steers made, with these going to local buyer Leith Bussell. This price was equalled with the next pen of seven steers sold by DH McDonald, Busselton, to Rusty Miller (this vendor also sold a line of 10 steers at $634 to sale coordinator Dirk Hardey, Wesfarmers Cowaramup). A pen of younger steers from DJ Rowe, Witchcliffe, fell just short of the $500 mark when they were knocked down to Glenluce Livestock at $498.

There were some excellent Friesian poddies at the sale, with a pen of 13 topping at $450 for Kesteven, Rosa Glen, with Glenluce buying these for clients. Laurie Henderson's single calf was close behind when it made $446, also going to Glenluce. Cowaramup Agencies bid to $434 to secure two calves trucked to the sale by DJ & AM Rowe, Witchcliffe, to be among the poddies to make more than $400.

The small offering of beef steers made strong values, as they were generally not of the size or condition of other recent sales. A single steer made to $620 for Watkins and Wilson, with South Park the buyer. DJ & AM Rowe sold two steers for $518 to an unnamed buyer. South Park then sold a line of six steers, which contained a mixture of breeds, with these selling to Glenluce for $508. Kesteven, Rosa Glen, saw their 10 Angus and Murray Grey cattle reach $480 when bought by Dirk Hardey. Two Angus Hereford cross steers sold to Glenluce for $482 with these steers offered to account AD Rowe, Albany. Laurie Henderson sold another two steers to Glenluce, with these making a creditable $462.

The small offering of beef poddies saw five calves sold by FJ & BA Foster, Cowaramup, top this section when Neil Earle, Cowaramup Agencies, outlayed $404 for them. Neil went on to pay $382 for another four poddies sold by Laurie Henderson.

Eight younger Hereford calves were among the cattle bought by Ralph Mosca, Wesfarmers, Pinjarra, with these sold by AD Rowe, Albany.

In the unmated beef heifer section, buyers neglected anything that was not guaranteed bucket reared. Of those that had this guarantee, the two Angus cross heifers sold by G Veary, Augusta, topped when they were sold to Paul Roberts, Wesfarmers Capel, for $450. Ken Bland paid $394 for six offered by Don Rowe, and Ralph Mosca bid to $362 for three, and $350 for one, sold by Laurie Henderson. Ben Cooper, Wesfarmers Bridgetown, finally picked a line of seven Angus cross heifers from FJ & BA Foster for $418.

Laurie Henderson, Margaret River, had two pens of Friesian unmated heifers each containing 17 animals and it was obvious that buyers had travelled to the sale to compete on these. Both lines were purchased by well-known springing heifer producers JA & NA Brookes and Son, Witchcliffe, with the first lot selling for $580 and the second for $515.

The lines of cows and calves showed the effects of the late break to the season, but still made up to $715 for two Angus cows and calves sold by G Veary, Augusta, and bought by Glenluce Livestock. The other lines were sold by a local producer who requested he remain anonymous, with these reaching a peak of $700 for four that were bought by Paul Roberts. The largest line of these, with 11 head, sold for $595 to Ralph Mosca.



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