Latest cattle worm information by phone

26 Sep, 2012 11:38 AM

Beef producers are invited to get an update on the latest WA research into beef worms, drench resistance and related management implications via a phone seminar on Monday 8 October.

This free national seminar will be presented by Department of Agriculture and Food principal veterinary parasitologist Brown Besier and veterinary officer Jenny Cotter.

“Research results indicate that drench resistance in parasites of cattle is widespread in WA, with resistance in Cooperia oncophora (the hair worm) on two thirds of properties tested,” Dr Cotter said.

“Our recent findings suggest that worms may be costing beef cattle producers more than is generally realised and with the drench resistance results, a review of worm control programs may be timely so that worm control can be maintained.”

Phone seminars are one of the new technologies the department’s beef team are using to convey information to producers. They represent a time-efficient way for producers to access the latest information, hear from leading industry experts and ask them questions, without having to lose time on-farm by travelling to an event.

On registration for the event, producers will receive the number to dial into the seminar. A copy of the presentation will then be sent via post or electronically to follow during the seminar. The call is free when calling from a landline and there is no charge to participate.

The phone seminar will be held from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm on Monday 8 October. Registrations must be received by Friday 28 September.

To register for this event please contact Allison Watson on (08) 9892 8444 or


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