Liveweight beef steers sell to $1377

28 Aug, 2018 04:00 AM
Elders Busselton representative Clint Gartrell (left), represented De Grey Park, Capel, which donated a cow and calf to Rural Aid to help drought effected producers in New South Wales. Greg Jones purchased the unit for Western Meat Packers, paying the top cow price of $1480.
Elders Busselton representative Clint Gartrell (left), represented De Grey Park, Capel, which donated a cow and calf to Rural Aid to help drought effected producers in New South Wales. Greg Jones purchased the unit for Western Meat Packers, paying the top cow price of $1480.

THE Elders Boyanup store cattle sale where 1060 head were penned last Friday had a mixed result when compared to the previous fixture.

Beef steers selling liveweight were the highlight, selling to a top of 348c/kg, up 20c/kg on last month.

This was caused by strong competition between cattle bought for live export and feedlot accounts.

The only other type to see an increase in value was the top end of the first-cross, bucket-reared heifers.

All other cattle struggled to hold value with Friesian poddies, which have been hard to sell for some time selling at reduced prices.

In many cases quality was not the factor, rather the late start and cold winter restricting feed.

Also, many producers are shutting paddocks for silage which is having an effect on market strength as well.

Beef steers selling liveweight topped at $1377 and 348c/kg with beef heifers reaching $1086 and 290c/kg.

The small offering of liveweight Friesian steers topped at $1172 and 216c/kg to be down slightly.

Appraisal beef steers sold slightly stronger than last month to make up to $760 while Friesian steers were back slightly.

Friesian poddies were well down, topping at $280 to be around half of the peak some months ago.

The few first-cross heifers of any size sold to $805 with most only poddie size.

Cows and calves were of very light condition and size for most lots.

The exception was a single cow with a mature calf donated by Dick Vincent, De Grey Droughtmasters, with the $1480 proceeds going to Rural Aid to help the NSW drought effected farmers.

Greg Jones purchased the unit for Western Meat Packers (WMP), saying the company wanted to support the worthy cause.

Kevin Armstrong, buying for several accounts, was again hard to beat, with John Gallop, also having feedlot and grazier orders in his pocket, pushing values on the suitable weight beef steers in particular.

Mr Armstrong purchased the first five pens of beef steers for Harmony Operations, paying $1302 at 266c/kg for the nine Angus weighing 489kg from D Phillips-Jones.

Three grey steers of 482kg from PJ Tognolini, Dardanup, cost $1264 at 262c/kg.

Attracting favourable comment were the 12 Red Angus steers weighing 422kg from Jutland Park that sold for $1273 and 302c/kg.

Angus steers from BD Combes & MJ Omodei, Pemberton, were of the usual high standard, resulting in the first pen of 11 weighing 396kg taking the top price double of $1377 and 348c/kg when bought by John Gallop, buying for Omeehan & Co.

Other pens of these sold for 346c/kg and $1240.

Alba Farms sold nine steers for $1118 while B & N McGinty sold a Hereford steer to Harmony Operations at $1132.

Lighter steers sold account MK Barnes, Waterloo, reached an equal top of 348c/kg when Elders Boyanup agent Mal Barrett paid $1022 for the 14 steers.

Other pens of these sold for 344c/kg and 340c/kg.

Beef heifers started promisingly when the first pen from H Clifton sold to Mr Barrett for 290c/kg to cost $1086.

Depiazzi Agricultural had three pens of Angus heifers, with these selling for $770, $830 and $827 at 248c/kg to 276c/kg when bought for Kalgrains, Wannamal.

As weight and quality dropped, prices followed quickly.

Three Friesian steers weighing 522kg from F & M Atkinson topped at 216c/kg when VA & MP Wright outlaid $1127.

The next five steers from MR & VJ Piggott, Brunswick, joined them on the truck when the 543kg steers topped the section at $1172 and 216c/kg also.

Kitchen Farms had quality steers of lighter weight, with these selling to 210c/kg.

The top appraisal beef steer sold to Mr Jones when a Hereford from HD Harrison, Rosa Glen, made $760.

Clint Gartrell, Elders Busselton, then paid $735 for eight Angus from the Harrison draft.

The top appraisal Friesian steers were also trucked in by Mr Harrison, with the four steers going to Mr Jones at $625.

First Australian Farms sold several of the better priced Friesian poddies, topping at $280 twice when both lots went to the bid of Elders Capel representative Rob Gibbings.

Eight Angus first-cross heifers from D & A Campbell topped at $805 when bought for NR Love and VJ Roche, Pemberton.

Kaleden Farms, Harvey, had several pens for sale, with their nine Herefords selling to Mr Gibbings at $800.

A pen of 14 Herefords of poddie size then went to Love and Roche for $560.

Ferney Hollow Farm bid to $520 to secure seven of the Kaleden Farm young Angus heifers.

As mentioned, the Droughtmaster cross cow and calf from De Grey Park topped the cows at $1480.

Eight very light Murray Grey cows and young calves sold by Glenell & Sons went to Shannakill Holdings at $1125 with two Angus cross making the same amount when knocked down to Matt Cook Transport.



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