Macca's exporting Aussie beef

21 Oct, 2014 11:00 PM
The company wants to buy its beef from sustainable production systems

FAST food giant, McDonald’s, now exports more Australian beef than it uses in its 930 local restaurants.

Andrew Gregory, chief executive officer of McDonald's Australia, said the company now exported 41 million kilograms of beef a year, mainly for company use in the United States, South Korea and Japan.

On Tuesday McDonald’s released its new Rump Steak Range which uses rump strips in its ranges of wraps and salads.

Mr Gregory said high-quality, locally-sourced produce was one of the key ingredients in the company’s Australian success story.

He told the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) Congress in Canberra that the company had listened to its customers who wanted more transparency about what was in McDonald’s food and where and how it was produced - and they were interested in animal welfare and sustainability. Mr Gregory said the company wanted to buy its beef from sustainable production systems but was committed to working with producers to accurately define what “sustainable” meant.

McDonald’s had now set out to dispel some of the myths about its foods, including fears its milk shakes contained pig fat and the apple filling in its pies contained chokos.

McDonald’s had opened new online and digital communication channels including the mobile app, Track My Macca’s, and the online tool, Our Food, Your Questions, so customers could ask tough questions about the food they were eating and get information about where it was grown.

Mr Gregory said the company was continuing to innovate, including a new concept in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill where customers could custom make their own hamburgers using 19 ingredients.

McDonald’s employs 100,000 people across Australia, many of them young workers.

Vernon Graham

Vernon Graham

is the group editor of Fairfax Agricultural Media
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23/10/2014 11:58:20 AM

Interesting that a retail fast food outlet is actually exporting beef......what a transparent open and competitive market for our primary producers cattle? The only sustainable bit that stands out for interpretation is the high profit margin for the retailer/exporter in a closed loop monopoly.
John Hine
27/10/2014 6:54:05 PM

Or is it just that Maccas is better organised?


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