Narngulu sale success expected to continue

29 Jan, 2003 10:00 PM

KEEN cattle graziers will again have a fantastic opportunity to select from an offering of 850 top quality heifer calves and steer calves at the annual Wesfarmers Landmark Narngulu weaner and cattle store sale on Thursday, February 6.

Wesfarmers Landmark cattle specialist and sale coordinator David Lindberg said the sale always features a very sound yarding and this year will be no different with a quality line-up of feedlot and grazier type calves.

"If last year's sale is to be indicative of this year at Narngulu, then it ought to be a success, with buyers from Kalannie through to Bunbury and up to the North Midlands and surrounding districts attempting to secure some calves which have come through an average season, and are showing good weights for both feedlotters and graziers," David said.

A selection of breeds will be represented by a handful of established vendors from Geraldton and surrounding areas, including Bonegilla Grazing Company whose lines of steers and heifers topped last year's sale.

The company's steer calves this year will weigh about 400kg down to 280kg, with heifers coming in at similar weights.

Bonegilla principals Trevor and Maria Kanny, Walkaway, will be participating in the Narngulu sale for the sixth consecutive year with an offering of 300 mixed-sex vealers.

The Angus-European cross calves have been pre-fed on a 14pc protein ration for six weeks prior to the sale and are showing condition, which reflect Bonegilla's customary high standards of production.

Northampton producers Warwick, Joan, Nathan and Nerene Teakle will offer 100 Murray Grey-Angus weaners for the sale which have only been grassfed.

"There's no grainfed, just a bit of hay," Warwick said.

"They will be run out of the paddock straight off their mums two days before the sale.

"The steers would be ready to perform for lotfeeders and the heifers would make good replacements."

Last year, WA & JE Teakle's top steers, which were weighed on farm prior to arriving at the sale, averaged 358kg liveweight, with this year's calves again looking to achieve this top weight.

Besides their Walkindyer Poll Merino stud, the Teakles run 130 breeders and aim to increase the female herd to 150 head.

Philip and Pauline Short, Walkaway, who have been vendors at the Narngulu sale on and off since its inception, breed from 130 Angus and Murray Grey cows.

This year they will offer 55 Kapari blood steers which, according to Wesfarmers Landmark's David Lindberg, are very well bred and in top condition.

Making a debut this year will be Glenooka, with 106 mixed sex weaners from their 'Glengarry' property at Walkaway.

The cattle manager of Simon Smart's property, Anthony Fellows, said the sale is a good opportunity to create exposure for their Angus cattle, which he expects will sell well in the marketplace.

"The calves are extremely quiet, having been accustomed to utes, motorbikes, dogs, horses and people," he said.

"They have also been educated to respect fences after spending three days in a small paddock enclosed by an electric fence.

"Prior to this, the cattle are kept in a yard for six days after weaning and we regularly walk amongst them."

pMore information: David Lindberg, mobile 0428 928 376, or Wesfarmers Landmark, Geraldton, phone 9921 1344.



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