New project for beef market

25 Nov, 2013 01:00 AM
WA Beef Council chairman Tony Hiscock.
WA Beef Council chairman Tony Hiscock.

A NEW project could provide the WA beef supply chain access to clear, concise, relevant and independent market intelligence.

The new project, set up by the WA Beef Council, is aimed at providing timely, independent and targeted market information that will give producers the capacity to make more informed marketing decisions.

WA Beef Council chairman Tony Hiscock said it would build on work already being done by the council and other industry groups.

"The feedback we have received from farmers is that they are looking for information that is objective with a true and concise picture," he said.

"This project is about giving farmers a very clear understanding of what their end market is and what it is they have to produce to meet that end market.

"In many cases farmers send cattle off to the saleyards and then that is it, but with this project we are hoping farmers will be able to understand the markets that suit their farming system and start to look at working towards that."

Mr Hiscock said much of the market information currently supplied for the WA sector was inadequate and largely missed the mark.

"Initially we will be finding out where the gaps are and what it is that needs to be done," he said.

The WA Beef Council was successful in obtaining $45,000 of funding through the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme for the initial part of the project.

In the first year the council would focus on a review and analysis of the current information.

WA Beef Council executive officer Lauren Johnston said while there was already a lot of information out there, this would be about bringing it all together in a relevant and easy to access way.

"Initially we will look at what market information, products and services are available in WA, identify the gaps and the needs of the beef supply chain to enable more informed marketing decisions," she said.

"It is planned that the first year investigation will inform the subsequent year of what is required to deliver market intelligence in WA that is readily used, unbiased and independent."

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Aeon the Terrible
25/11/2013 1:59:04 AM, on Farm Weekly

Marketing???? As long as it is black hided and black haired....... top price. It is irrelevant that there is extreme variation in size, quality, and taste! P.S. There are five other breeds that rank higher in meat quality, than the black haired, hided "standard bearer"!
25/11/2013 7:01:40 AM, on Farm Weekly

We don't need another indicator of how little we can get for our product, what we need is proper remuneration for our cattle. The lack of diversity in our market place is the underlying problem and until we get that right nothing will change. The number one factor driving the future of WA and Australian beef production that the WA Beef Council should be looking at is Yield Based Payment. This alone will increase the value of cattle that have been bred to a higher standard with a focus on carcase yield which together with MSA grading will have the biggest impact on producer returns.


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