New record for Boyanup heifer sale

24 Nov, 2004 10:00 PM

BOYANUP will be the place to be on Friday December 10 for producers looking for quality first-cross breeding females .

Elders will be offering a record number of springing heifers at its annual supreme springing heifer sale.

Like in previous years, buyers will be in for a real treat at the Boyanup sale when a record line-up of 1640 first-rate, handpicked springing heifers from throughout the south-west area go under the hammer.

A good season in the area has ensured the heifers to be offered this year are in excellent condition.

Vendors have responded to the call for quality ensuring only the best will go through the ring.

With a quality line-up and record yarding there will certainly be something on offer to meet everyone's breeding requirements.

As in past sales, coordinators Don Page, Elders Margaret River and Robert Gibbings, Elders Capel, have emphasised quality control to maintain the reputation of the sale, by inspecting and specially selecting the PTIC bucket-reared heifers.

As usual, buyers will be able to buy with supreme confidence, with a vendor guarantee backing their purchases.

All the heifers offered are bucket reared and out of Friesian dams, with a guaranteed 10-week joining period and 12-week calving period.

Mr Gibbings praised the quality of the offering.

"The quality of the offering this year is a good as past years and the heifers will certainly meet the buyers requirements," Mr Gibbings said.

"This year the line-up of heifers is more even compared with previous years, as there is not the big numbers of the larger types.

"We are slowly getting the vendors to change and produce the better quality cattle the customers are demanding, and this year I believe the heifers are in better calving condition than in the past.

"Like last year a number of vendors have chosen to synchronise mate their heifers and they have gone down this path to give the buyers the opportunity to buy heifers with a more compact calving period.

Mr Page agreed, saying the quality of the yarding was similar to previous years and the synchronised heifers would again feature throughout the catalogue.

"Another highlight of the sale this year is the size of the yarding," Mr Page said.

"It is our biggest ever yarding for the sale and we have yarded an extra 119 heifers on of last year's yarding.

"With the bigger yarding we believe it will give more buyers the opportunity to operate in the sale at cheaper prices than in past years."

The breakdown for this year's fixture includes 1300 Angus-Friesian heifers all mated to Angus, Limousin and Murray Grey bulls, 140 Murray Grey-Friesian heifers mated to either Angus, Limousin or Murray Grey bulls and 175 Hereford-Friesian heifers with the majority mated to Angus.

There will also be 10 Simmental-Friesian heifers mated to Angus and Limousin bulls, 11 Limousin-Friesian heifers all mated to Angus and three Belgium Blue, Charolais, Santa Gertrudis-Friesian heifers.

A feature of the sale will be a number of synchronised mated heifers in the Angus, Murray Grey and Limousin breeds.

As in the past couple of years a number of vendors have opted to synchronise mate their heifers, giving buyers an opportunity to be able to select females with a shortened calving period.

The largest percentage of these heifers are in the Angus-Friesian run, with vendors yarding a total of 170 Angus-Friesian synchronised mated heifers.

Vendors making up this yarding include Tognela Dairies, Brunswick, 70 heifers mated Angus bulls, PJ & J Boley, Scott River, 39 heifers mated to Limousin, RC & CD Barbetti, Waterloo, 55 heifers mated to Angus and Limousin and Green Dairies, Waterloo, six heifers mated to Angus.

Making up 80pc of the offering, the Angus-Friesian heifers will lead the sale and will offer buyers an ideal opportunity to select from a range of backgrounds involving 40 vendors.

After being one of the sale's original vendors, when it started in Busselton, Ron and Ken Beacham, Beacham Brothers, Busselton, will be the major vendors in the Angus-Friesian section of the sale when they offer of 145 Angus-Friesian heifers.

This will be the last time that the Beacham family will offer heifers, which have been raised on their Busselton property and the last time they will offer heifers in such large numbers.

The heifers to be offered by the Beacham family in this year's sale were all selected out of the Brunswick, Harvey and Cowaramup calf sales and bucket-reared in their Busselton dairy.

Ken Beacham said when they were selecting the heifers out of the yards, they selected the biggest and strongest, before rearing them in their old dairy, which they no longer operate.

The large-framed, quiet heifers have been mated to Blackrock Angus bulls, which have been selected for temperament, low birth weight and high growth rates.

The rising 3yo heifers are due to calve from January 22 to April 6.

The Busselton operation will also offer 24 Hereford-Friesian heifers in the sale.

These heifers were also bought in by the Beachams and mated to Blackrock bulls and are due to calve from January 22 to April 6.

A regular sale vendor for the past six years, Waroona dairy farmer Vernon Pitter, VR & EJ Pitter, will again put forward a quality offering of well-grown 2-2.5yo Angus-Friesian heifers.

The 28 heifers have all been bred on the Waroona property and are all sired by Koojan Hills bull, with the majority out of Friesian heifers.

The extremely quiet, bucket-reared heifers were artificially inseminated by Rod Brasher, Westside AB, to an Angus bull, Mordallup Zodian on April 11.

Koojan Hills Angus bulls were then introduced three weeks later to give a guaranteed calving period of January 16 to April 10.

Mr Pitter said the Koojan Hills bulls he uses are selected for their good temperament, high milking ability and their thickness.

The Mordallup bull used is a low birth weight bull and has good feedlot figures.

The maternal side of the heifers is also good and goes back a long way, to when the family first started dairying in Osborne Park in 1922, with a dairy called Pitters Dairy.

The dairy moved to Wagerup in 1938, before finally settling in Waroona in 1977, where Mr Pitter now runs the dairy with his son Rodney, who is a third generation dairy farmer.

Wokalup-based Ietto Farms celebrates 25 years of preparing heifers this year and will celebrate the occasion by offering 32 Angus-Friesian heifers.

The heifers sired by White Lakes Angus bulls, which were selected for their low birth weights, have all been mated to a Blue Ribbon bull purchased at this year's WALSA Supreme Bull Sale.

The Blue Ribbon bull, Blue Ribbon Xtreme X8, has EBVs of +3.4 for birthweight and +5 for milk.

The quiet 2-2.5yo heifers have all been reared in the Ietto's dairy and are due to calve from January 10 to April 3.

Again this year Murray Harris, MJ & HE Harris, Dardanup, will offer a large number of heifers, including 87 Angus-Friesian heifers mated to Angus bull, 37 Angus-Friesian heifers mated to Limousin bulls, which are due to calve for January 27 to April 21.

The Harris family will also offer 11 Murray Grey-Friesian heifers mated to Angus bulls and seven Murray Grey-Friesian heifers mated to Limousin bulls, which are all due to calve from January 27 to April 21.

Another major vendor will be Tognela Dairies, Brunswick, who will offer 70 Angus-Friesian, synchronised-mated heifers and 10 Angus-Friesian naturally mated heifers.

The synchronised-mated heifers, which have been mated to Angus bulls, have a guaranteed calving period of January 9 to January 30.

The remaining 10 were mated to an Angus bull and are due to calve from January 18 to April 12.

In the Murray Grey offering, regular vendors Michael and Loretta Roberts, Boyanup will offer 52 Murray Grey-Friesian heifers, which are mated to Limousin bulls and due to calve from January 15 to April 8.

The Roberts family will also offer 52 Angus-Friesian heifers, which have been mated to a Limousin bull and due to calve from January 15 to April 8.


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