Prime cattle lineup for Wave Rock beef auction

26 Jul, 2001 07:12 AM

EVENNESS and quality will again be a feature of this year's Wesfarmers Landmark Wave Rock Prime Beef sale to be held on Wednesday, August 1.

Despite the hard season being experienced in the area, both vendors and Wesfarmers Landmark are hoping the high cattle prices in the rest of the state will filter through to this Wheatbelt event, which is becoming a premier event for the whole district and surrounding areas.

Wesfarmers Landmark livestock services manager Dennis Roberts said numbers at this year's sale were down on previous years due mainly to seasonal conditions in the area.

"But once again there will be a very good quality yarding of prime grain-fed cattle on offer at the sale, which the sale is renowned for," Mr Roberts said.

Wave Rock Prime Beef Group president Gil James believes this year's sale will be very buoyant, due to the lack of grain fed cattle in the market at present.

"I believe the shortage of grain fed cattle on the market, could result in the prices at this year's sale being around 20-30c/kg higher than last year," Mr James said.

"I think we will see a lot of the cattle making around the 345-350c/kg mark at the sale.

"However, our numbers are down this year, as a lot of the cattle in the area finished quicker due to the warmer weather."

More than 450 grain-fed steers and heifers have been nominated for the fifth annual sale, which will be a MSA accredited sale for the first time.

Mr James said that all vendors have to be congratulated for persisting on and supporting the sale, given the hard conditions they have faced this season and finishing their cattle like they have.

The Wesfarmers Landmark sale will again this year be held on the property of Vern and Jane Mouritz, east of Hyden, on Wednesday, August 1 starting at 2pm.

There will also be commercial displays on the day from Speedrite, Rapid Plastics, Ridley Agri Products, Western Stock Distributors and many more, providing an excellent opportunity for people around the state to view a range of displays as well as stock from around the Hyden district.

A steer will again be auctioned by the group for charity, the Tidy Towns committees of Hyden and Karlgarin are the nominated beneficiaries this year.

As wel as hosting the sale, Vern Mouritz will again be a volume vendor at the sale offering around 120 Mordallup Angus steers which have been making significant weight gains since going on the feedlot.

"They had faced some of the toughest conditions ever before going on the feedlot, but they are looking really good now they have put on weight and are well muscled," Vern said.

Top price vendor at last year's sale Murray James, Jesmond Farms, will again be among the vendors at this year's sale offering around 100 14-16mo Simmental Hereford cross, Murray Grey, Red Angus Hereford cross and Angus Limousin cross steers and heifers.

Murray said the cattle went into the feedlot on the May 1 weighing around 320kg and have been fed on a barley lupin ration, with hay and straw available ab lib.

"It has been a tough year and they went into the feedlot looking very ordinary and considering the mild June and July they have done exceptionally well and have probably come up better than ever," Murray said.

Ron Thompson has again nominated cattle for this year's sale.

This year Mr Thompson has nominated 55 12-16mo Murray Grey and Angus steers and heifers, which have been in the feedlot since April 24.

Mr Thompson put the cattle in at around 320kg and at the beginning of July he re-weighed them they weighed between 380-400kg and he expects them to be 20kg heavier come sale day.

"They are well muscled and I think they will be a little heavier than last year's draft," Mr Thompson said.

Karlgarin lot feeder Barry James has nominated 60 15-16mo Murray Grey-Simmental-Hereford and Poll Hereford-Simmental-Hereford steers for sale.

They have been on the feed lot since the April 27 and have been fed on barley and lupins as well as hay ad lib, which measured close to 14pc protein.

Barry predicts there will be a general shortage of quality grain-fed cattle at the beginning of August.

"The shortage will create strong competition between buyers at the sale and this will impact on the prices which will receive on the day," Barry said.

Hyden lot feeder Frank James, FS & KM James & Sons, will be hoping for similar results this year after achieving the highest liveweight price at last year's sale.

This year Frank will offer 35 Murray Grey and Murray Grey Shorthorn cross steers at the sale which when onto the feedlot at the end of April.

"The cattle have done exceptionally well considering the season and I expect on sale day their average weight will be in excess of 500kg, making them heavier than previous years," Frank said.

"We have drafted the offering into three even lines for colour and breed, to suit the trucking requirements required to meet MSA standards."

Russell Mouritz, Hyden, a regular vendor at this feature, will offer 30 12mo Santa Gertrudis steers, which have been running in an 80 acre paddock for 90 days and have been feeding on a barley and wheat ration.

For the first time this year JM & LT Hinck & Son will offer cattle at the Hyden sale.

The Hincks will offer 40 predominantly Murray Grey steers and heifers, which will have been fed for 90 days on Beefeter 250 pellets from Milne feeds.

It is the first time the Hincks have lot fed cattle for the sale and Terry Hincks said they are looking great.

"By sale day the steers will weigh around 500kg and the heifers around 430kg live," Terry said.

Other vendors at the sale also include Gil James with seven steers and Athol Ward with 14 steers and heifers.



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