Quality makes an impression

28 Oct, 2005 08:45 PM

THE winning pen of beef females in the 2005 Albany Agricultural Society's 45th annual commercial female cattle competition was a wonderful commercial proposition.

The winners were four Simmental, Hereford-Friesian cows with Limousin sired calves averaging 400kg liveweight, from Napier beef producer Malcolm Auld.

Judge and independent auctioneer Neil Foale, Boyanup, said the winners were impressive and showed great soundness and quality of calves.

"They were also some of the quietest females among the entries," Mr Foale said.

After winning class one for females with calves at foot, Mr Foale awarded this pen the Perpetual Trophy Award as the outstanding entry of the competition. The runners-up in class one were Murray Grey-Friesian fourth calvers with early February-drop Simmental sired calves weighing 380kg liveweight. They were from George and Kaye Williams' herd at Narrikup.

In the class two pen of first calving heifers with calves at foot Narrikup beef producers Harley and Jean Webb came first with their Chargrey heifers with Murray Grey cross calves at foot.

The judge said the heifers had femininity and softness and were moderately muscled and commercial certainties.

Second place went to Theo and Adrianna Newhouse's Angus heifers based at Porongorup.

"These had the best temperament of the cattle presented to me," Mr Foale said.

"The Angus steer calves were great ambassadors of that breed."

In the class three pen of 4-20 commercial maiden heifers, the winners were Angus heifers from the herd of Kim and Mary Dewar, Manypeaks.

The judge said they were typical low-maintenance Angus that were well grown and with moderate muscling.

Second place went to Chargrey-Euro type heifers - heavy muscled and impressive growth for age - entered by Rob and Michelle Hourston, Narrikup.

In the super unit cow with calf/calves at foot, first place went to an Angus-Friesian heifer with a 435kg liveweight Hereford cross steer calf.

Mr Foale estimated the calf's worth at $900 at market.

"This heifer has a great future," he said.

Second place went to a quiet Charolais-Limousin cow with a Charolais cross calf at foot, raised by Hayden Pedro, Denmark, a student at the Denmark College of Agriculture.

The judge said the entry was a wonderful unit and sound commercially.

Summarising, Mr Foale awarded the champion her??????????????? prize to Hayden Pedro, Denmark.

The Reserve Champion Herd went to Alan and Greg Brown, Narrikup; the Champion Pen prize went to Malcolm Auld in class one and the Reserve Champion Pen went to Ross Thornton's super unit cow with calf.

The judging was done over two days and was well attended by local beef producers across the region from Denmark, Narrikup and Manypeaks.

Fifteen entries were received from the regions' commercial beef producers; the minimum number needed to continue running the competition.

Mr Foale said the competition and his role in it was a wonderful experience among some wonderful cattle, including those that missed out on winning prizes. He congratulated the competition's convenor, Albany beef producer society executive councillor Doreen Lyon, Albany, on organising the event and gaining such strong sponsorship.

About 75 guests attended the awards night dinner at the Le Grant Motel, Albany, on Wednesday.



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