Reject FMD virus import, says Federal Member

23 Dec, 2008 04:01 PM
Bruce Scott, Federal Member for Maranoa.
Bruce Scott, Federal Member for Maranoa.

Federal Member for Maranoa, Bruce Scott, has joined a growing chorus calling for an immediately ban on the Beale Review Recommendation which would allow live Foot and Mouth Disease virus into Australia for research purposes.

Mr Scott said federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke must rule out the importation of live FMD virus under any circumstance.

"There would not be a livestock producer in Australia who would in any way support the importation of the virus under any circumstance," Mr Scott said.

"We had an equine influenza outbreak from a quarantine facility, we've seen rabbit calicivirus escape from a quarantine facility and in the UK we saw Foot and Mouth Disease escape from a quarantine facility.

"The poor record of our quarantine facilities would give absolutely no confidence that this virus would not at sometime escape.

"It would devastate our agricultural trade and it would take us years to rebuild our reputation as a clean, green and disease-free supplier of meat.

"It is an open and shut case. FMD can never be allowed to enter Australia."


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