RFDS gets bonus

27 Feb, 2002 10:00 PM


IT was not only stud breeders that gained some dollars in their hip pocket after last week's Farm Weekly-WALSA Supreme Bull that grossed in excess of $372,000 but one of WA's most important rural services the Royal Flying Doctor Services received a boost with the sale of a Bangandang bull for $2500.

Bangadang stud principal Kim Buller decided to donate the proceeds of one of his bulls at the sale to the RFDS this year after donating the proceeds of a bull last year to a cancer sufferer who had no funds to travel east for treatment.

Mr Buller said that the RFDS was one of his wife Sam's favourite charities and they were delighted to be involved and give something back to rural Australia.

"I am a lucky man in so many ways and this just allows me to give something back to the community, something I just want to do," Mr Buller said.

Mr Buller said he realised the value of the RFDS when he was a jackaroo on Eeraheedy station when he was 17 and the station manager had to be flown out for medical assistance.

His wife Sam's life has also been touched by the RFDS when a former family member was flown from the country to Perth for emergency treatment.

These experiences make it easy to understand why they were so willing to donate the proceeds from a bull to such a worthy and appropriate charity in this the Year of the Outback.

When the bull was finally knocked down by Elders Breeding Services auctioneer Kim McDougall to Beacon farmers Luke and Sandra Miguel, the crowd erupted into spontaneous applause.

The Miguels who were at the sale to buy a bull to replace the one they lost three weeks ago secured the bull with the help of Wesfarmers Landmark Narrogin branch manager Steve Wright.

The bull will be used amongst their 30 strong breeding herd, which they have only had for a year and a half to produce good calves that they can grow out before selling.

The Miguels, once fully established, will sell their steers and retain their best females to build up their herd numbers on their 2800ha property where they are also into cropping.

Both Luke and Sandra agreed they were both very happy to be supporting such a worthy cause, which has helped them in the past.

"We are very happy to have bought a bull whose proceeds are going to the RFDS," Sandra said.

"We had to use the Flying Doctor 11 years ago when our first child developed breathing problems as a baby and had to be flown through to Perth, so we know how important it is to country areas which are light on in doctor services.

"The staff were very good to us and 11 years on our child is very healthy thanks to them, so we are more than happy that we could contribute."

Bangadang Voodoo V27 sired by Alberda Traveller (US), a well known bull world-wide, was the bull whose proceeds will be donated. He was a thick and very muscled young bull.

The proceeds from the bull will go towards medical equipment for four new Pilatus PC12 planes bought by the WA RFDS, which cost $5 million each.



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