Shorthorns make $418 at Narngulu

22 May, 2002 10:00 PM


ALTHOUGH last week's Elders cattle sale was weaker than sales at the same time last year, prices remained competitive with recent sales, with Shorthorn steers selling for a top price of $418.

Simon Veitch, Elders Gingin, paid the top price, on behalf of Robanne Holdings, Lancelin, for the 17 Shorthorn steers which were offered by Mulga Downs, Wittenoom.

Mulga Downs averaged $317.35 on their offering of 40 steers.

Jim Wedge, Binnu, purchased 14 Shorthorns for $250 and Adrian Peters, Georgina, purchased the balance for $236.

Droughtmasters also fared well with Mondarra Farms, Irwin, paying $404 for a line of 21 steers offered by Wanna Station, Gascoyne, and Tyron Chudziak, Elders, Geraldton, purchasing 29 steers for $300 on behalf of M Mincherton, Geraldton.

Wanna Station principal, Bill Radford, Walkaway, was pleased with the prices he received on this year's huge offering of turnover stock but disappointed that they had not had access to more feed.

"The prices per kilogram are favorable but our cattle just don't have the weight to get the really good prices," he said.

The Radfords received an average price of $317.54 on their 104 steers.

Tom's Transport principal Tom Ford, Yandil Station, made a top price of $432 on his eight Brahman cross bulls selling them to Kevin Fowler, Mundijong, for Perth Meat Exports.

Ex-vet, Amber Lavery, who bought on behalf of Kevin Fowler, purchased 19 Droughtmaster bulls from Wanna Station for $424.

She also bought 11 Brahman cross bulls for $382 and 25 Brahman cross bulls for $390 from Yandil station.

Ms Lavery purchased 16 Shorthorn bulls from Yandil Station for $330 and 33 Dougthmaster bulls from Wanna Station for $348 and a further 34 of the same type for $332.

Craig Forsyth, Irwin, was similarly impressed with Wanna Station's line-up, purchasing 21 Drougthmaster bulls for $266 and another line of 27 Droughtmasters for $260.

Curbur Pastoral Company, Mullewa, and Lindsay Blick, Moonyoonooka, sold five Shorthorn cross bulls to Kevin Fowler for $270.

Heifer prices had eased at recent sales but demand was reasonable, with the offering selling quickly.

On behalf of Perth Meat Exports, Norm Pascoe bought two Brahman heifers for $380 from Byro Station.

Jim Wedge was suitably impressed with the Dougthmaster heifers from Wanna Station, purchasing three lines for $302, $288 and $260.

Mr Radford sold a further 40 heifers to Celvin Hancey, Elders, Geraldton, for $234 on behalf of Evan Hammersly, Walkaway.

Curbar Pastoral Co and Yallalong Station sold five Shorthorn cows and one calf to Robert McKewan, Geraldton, for $414.


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