Three decades of experience

30 Nov, 2005 08:45 PM

TOP Angus breeding stock has been retained in WA with the purchase of 40 stud Teranga Angus PTIC stud heifers by Cranbrook livestock breeder George Toovey.

Although bought at an undisclosed price, Mr Toovey said he was happy to pay for 35 years of breeding by a respected studmaster.

He said he was encouraged to inspect the well-bred youngsters by two sources he respected.

Mr Toovey said Elders Albany region livestock manager Ray Norman told him they would be on the market.

"I have considerable respect for his judgement and the Teranga cattle are well known to him," Mr Toovey said.

"Also I sought an opinion from Dr Richard Hall of Precision Transfers. He confirmed what Mr Norman had said - the rest is history."

This sale followed the sale of 160 mature Teranga stud females reported in Farm Weekly on October 27.

Mr Norman said the Teranga heifers would form a good basis for a purebred Angus stud.

Now known as the Toovey family's Boyacup Angus stud, Cranbrook, one founded recently on embryo transfer of Wilson Downs and Ardrossie blood.

The heifers are due to begin calving on or about February 20, 2006, to an artificial insemination (AI) program which had a follow-up period with bulls Y41 Teranga Ultra, Y13 Bushs Grand Design and Z10 Y'Anthbrae Butchs Max.

Teranga studmaster Grant Giles, Youngs Siding, is retaining a nucleus herd of stud females from which he will breed bulls for his own use and perhaps sell a bull privately.

Mr Toovey is an experienced livestock producer: this is not his first introduction to animal breeding - he owns the Shamrock Suffolk stud and mated annually about 800 Angus breeders and 100 Shorthorn cross cows, which he may disperse shortly.

Hardly a sideline are the 14,000 Merino sheep his paddocks carry.

The Teranga Angus stud is well known as the first Australian Angus stud to purchase a Te Mania Angus bull by auction.

It also obtained the WA semen rights for three years of the great US sire VPI Lord Patriot, imported here by Te Mania stud.

In 1979 Mr Giles bought Sparta Takeover at the Susuki Angus Classic.

He was later sold to the Creekton stud, which sold him back to Sparta, where he died aged 16 years.

Another Teranga introduction was bought in Scotland; Burthlene Patriot was placed in an AI centre and his semen imported into Australia.

The Teranga stud herd remained strong in Burthlene Patriot blood.

"He was a great success in numerous herds across Australia," Mr Giles said this week.

"In more recent years we relied on annual AI programming incorporating desirable traits and bloodlines, mainly from USA sires and more recently from Australian herds.

"The program has provided genetic variations, but always aiming to maintain the Teranga style of cattle."

Out of four entries made in the Kojonup Bull Trial Teranga twice won it.

Mr Toovey was pleased to be told the Teranga stud cattle grew out on grass pasture supplemented with silage as weaners and prior to sale.

"A profound influence on our breeding program came from our base females Naranghi Querra Y26 and Creekton Tutu," Mr Giles said.

"In my opinion the linchpin of any stud operation is the female herd - high quality bulls come from high quality females, having above-average milking ability and high growth and femininity."



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