Triumph from tragedy

28 Aug, 2007 09:00 PM

A TRUCK rollover that led to the death of 40 bulls destined for a bull sale at Fitzroy Crossing last week has been blamed on the poor condition of roads in the northern region, according to the Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA).

PGA president Sandy McTaggart said the accident highlighted the incapacity of local government to keep pace with the increasing road needs of the region.

“Local shires are charging our members more and offering them less by way of facilities and roads that are causing serious accidents, while the Local Government Department pretends to be playing a role in improving animal welfare issues,” Mr McTaggart said.

“The State Government is pushing for more and more controls on truck drivers, owners and producers in the name of animal welfare, while it allows shires to avoid repairs and upgrades to vital public roads.”

The bulls were being transported to the PGA’s bull sale from Bunda Station, just inside the Northern Territory border.

But triumph came out of tragedy when one of the bulls which survived eventually sold for a WA record top price for a Brahman bull.

It fetched $13,000 at the bos Indicus bull sale at Brooking Springs, Fitzroy Crossing.

Of the 44 bulls loaded at Bunda Brahman stud 670km southwest of Katherine, first-time sale vendors Reg and Janelle Underwood were only able to salvage 15 to offer at the sale after one of their two trucks carrying the animals rolled.


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