WA state trials help to identify outstanding bulls

24 Nov, 2004 10:00 PM

THIS year's WA State Bull Trial finished recently and once again was well represented by a variety of breeds.

The trial, held at the WA College of Agriculture, Narrogin, encompassed three different types of feed efficiency trials.

Strathtay stud, Narrogin, put 30 Angus bulls through a feed conversion efficiency trial, while Gelbvieh studs Crystal Ridge, Glendale, Gwandallan and Amuri Creek, along with Charolais stud Tarwonga, put bulls through a feed conversion trial.

South Devon studs Ungava, Barooga, Endarrbi and Grace Glen put 10 bulls through a feed conversion trial and then a grassfed trial, as did Waka Black Chiangus, while Angus studs Diamond Tree, Flybrook, Keston Vale and Prestvale and Red Angus studs Glendale and Escholar all put bulls through a grassfed trial only.

Coming out on top in the grassfed trial was Diamond Tree Fullback Y146, a bull entered by Diamond Tree Angus stud principal Kim Gandy. This was the third year in a row that the Diamond Tree stud had placed first in the WA State Bull Trial.

All up there were 16 Angus and Red Angus bulls in the grassfed trial and Fullback had the highest weight gain of 318kg over the six-month trial period.

He had a June-adjusted weight of 408.4kg and a final adjusted weight taken in November of 726.4kg, representing a 1.8kg per day growth rate.

Fullback had a frame score of 7.2, a scrotal circumference of 42 and an EMA of 102.

Second highest in total gain in the grassfed trial was Keston Vale Yeoman Y91, which finished with a total gain of 312kg and a daily gain of 1.8kg.

This bull, entered in the trial by Keston Vale Angus stud principals Mike and Diana Fryer-Smith, had a June-adjusted weight of 372.4kg and a final adjusted weight of 684.3kg.

Third in total gain was Diamond Tree Forte Y71 with 295kg, while third was Diamond Tree Forte Y86 with 293kg.

Also entered in the grassfed trial were 10 South Devon bulls and two Chiangus bulls.

These bulls entered the grassfed trial after competing in the grainfed feed conversion efficiency trial.

In the feed conversion efficiency trial, Ungava Yappat performed well with a feed conversion ratio of 5.34. Feed conversion ratio is the kilograms of feed needed for a one kilogram gain in live weight.

Yappat had a Net Feed Intake (NFI) of -2.28. NFI measures the difference between actual feed intake and the expected feed required for growth and maintenance.

An efficient animal has a negative net feed intake and inefficient animal has a positive feed intake. Yappat registered a daily weight gain of 2.14kg.

Another bull to perform well in this trial was Grace Glen Concorde, entered by Grace Glen South Devon stud principal David Corker. Concorde had an FCR of 5.1 and an NFI of -2.21. Concorde registered a daily weight gain of 2.22kg.

Grace Glen Concorde also registered the biggest gain for the South Devon breed in the grassfed trial, with a total gain of 254kg and a daily gain of 1.5kg, while Barooga Yapabout registered a 244kg total gain and a daily gain of 1.4kg.

Of the two Chiangus bulls entered by Waka Black Chiangus stud, it was Waka Black Power that performed the better. He registered a 221kg total gain at 1.3kg per day in the grass fed trial and a FCR of 6.87 and an NFI 0f -1.98 in the feed conversion trial.

There were five Gelbvieh bulls entered in the WA State Feed Conversion Trial. Better performers in this included Glendale Y008, which registered a 1.78kg gain per day at an FCR of 7.98 and an NFI of -0.4. Crystal Ridge Y001 gained 2kg per day with a an FCR of 6.49 and a NFI of 0.56.

WA State Bull Trial chairman David Corker said the trial, as always, identified some outstanding bulls.

"This year was there was no sale," he said.

"The committee chose instead to participate in the Landmark-Farm Weekly Beef Field Days.

"A disappointing turnout will now mean a serious review will take place to decide how to achieve a greater exposure for the trial bulls next year.

"A total of 72 bulls have passed through the trials at the WA College of Agriculture this year and college principal Andrew Castle and technical officer Peter Foster are to be congratulated on the efficiency of the bull management and on the excellent presentation of the bulls at the field day."

Breeders interested in placing bulls in the trial next year should contact David Corker on 0412 390 2315 or Peter Foster on 9881 1095.



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