29 Aug, 2001 10:00 PM

AFTER their very successful steer sale last week, Wyloo Pastoral Co went one better, with the heifers obtaining even higher prices per kilogram, with the top line of 14 Poll Shorthorns, PTIC four months, selling to Elders Waroona for $545.

The heifers were the second draft in the Elders sale from Wyloo Pastoral Co, Ashburton, after the 954 steers were sold last week, with one line Pregnancy Tested In Calf, one line tested and empty, while no guarantees either way were given with the rest.

The big purchaser was Kanandah Station, Kalgoorlie, who were active throughout the sale, buying 337 Poll Shorthorn heifers to a top of $412 and taking one line of 46 Poll Shorthorn-Red Angus cross heifers for $390.

Kanandah bought five lines of Poll Shorthorns, including their top line of 23 heifers, with a further 94 at $402, 45 at $406, 113 at $380 and a final line of 62 at $356, giving an average of $387 for 337 cattle.

Wesfarmers Landmark's Albany office also bought up big, taking one line of 21 Poll Shorthorns at $440, with a further 195 Red Angus-Poll Shorthorn cross heifers in three lines of 53 at $452, 58 at $424 and a final 84 at $404.

Competition was very strong throughout the sale and in only one instance did the purchaser fail to take all the pens included in each line offered, making each line being even more keenly sought after.

Jurien Grazing Co were able to obtain one line of 46 Poll Shorthorns for $418, while JS & EN Bagshaw, Boyup Brook, bought one line of the Red Angus-Poll Shorthorn cross, taking 54 heifers for $414.

Elders were also active purchasers, apart from the Waroona office which bought the top line, as the Geraldton office took two lines of Poll Shorthorns, including the second top price of $500 paid for 36 heifers and $442 for another 66 PS, while the Mingenew office bought 14 at $456.


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