Dairy stops production of pasteurised milk

31 Jul, 2009 09:34 AM

THE production of pasteurised milk has been ceased at the Avon Valley Dairy because the owners struggle to meet extensive regulations set by health Departments.

A set of standards passed by the Government Health Department has shut down the production of the small family business.

Avon Valley Dairy owned by Lisa and Daran Thompson will now rely on the sale of cosmetic bath milk to keep their business afloat.

The dairy supplied to stores in Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, the metropolitan area and to local stores and their milk in glass bottles was a very popular product.

Daran said production of pasteurised milk had stopped because the new regulation in quality assurance were too onerous for a small organisation.

“The amount of paperwork required is impossible to complete for our small family run business,” Daran said.

“The test required on food and water for the animals to eat and drink is so extensive that we cannot maintain the paper work.”

Daran thinks that if these standards continue to have to be met it will slowly wipe out small businesses.

“Consumers are not being given a choice because small businesses struggle to remain viable,” he said.

The shutting down of the production of Avon Valley Dairy pasteurised milk proves that the regulations are effecting the livelihood of local families.

* Avon Valley Dairy will still do a delivery run of bath milk from their property to York an anyone interesting in purchasing the cosmetic milk can contact them on lisa@realmilk.com.au or phone 9574 2340.


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