FTA dairy quotas for WA

15 Dec, 2004 10:00 PM

WA fared well among the list company's allocated shares in the new quota to export 27,000t of dairy products to the US during 2005 under the free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.

Challenge Dairy Co-operative, Harvey Fresh, Peters and Brownes Group and Swan Valley Cheese all managed to secure entitlements.

Of the 11 entitlement accounts Challenge was able to gain a market advantage with shares in 10, while Harvey Fresh secured a place in eight, Peter Brownes in six and Swan Valley Cheese in one.

The entitlements were divided into American cheese, butter/butterfat, condensed milk, other milk powders, cheddar cheese, cream, Swiss cheese, European cheese, other cheese, Goya cheese and skim milk powder, which was the only section not to include a WA business.

Federal Agriculture Minister Warren Truss said the USFTA would provide Australian dairy farmers with an opportunity of increased access to the biggest consumer market in the world.

Mr Truss said the quota will be shared by 50 companies across Australia.

"The tradeable allocations are based on an industry-agreed formula that ensures fair access by small, regional manufacturers as well as the larger, national companies," he said.

"The formula also provides opportunities for the marketing of speciality retail products, as well as the high-volume, bulk commodities that the Australian dairy industry has traditionally exported so efficiently.

"The 50 Australian companies that have received their allocations of entitlement can begin preparing to ship their goods for the 2005 quota year, which starts on 1 January."

Mr Truss said the 27,000t of extra dairy products to be shipped duty-free to the US next year was more than two and half times greater than under the dairy quota negotiated through the World Trade Organisation.

"This clearly demonstrates the significant benefits the USFTA should deliver to Australian companies and dairy farmers in all states," he said.

"And, as Australian companies become more experienced with the US market and the amount of the quota grows each year, these benefits will continue to multiply."

Further information on dairy quotas, and a full list of companies receiving allocations under each quota category, is available online at www.daff.gov.au/quota


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