Jerseys to rise again

18 May, 2005 08:45 PM

BIG things are predicted for the Australian Jersey industry and WA is keeping pace, according to Australian Jersey Breeders Association (AJBA) members.

The AJBA annual general meeting was held in WA for the first time last week, at Bunbury.

Executive officer Scott Joynson predicted Jersey numbers would increase to 25 percent of the national herd.

This would mean a 10pc increase of the present Jersey herd.

Jerseys once made up 80pc of the WA dairy industry, but with trends for larger milk volumes, Holstein Fresians gained in popularity.

Mr Joynson predicted a resurgence, with straight Jerseys joining Holsteins in the paddock.

³If you have a Holstein herd, it makes sense to bring in Jerseys with a higher milk solid ratio,² he said.

But he said cross breeding was likely to become less common.

³We don¹t see the push from the Agriculture Department and the scientists that cross breeding is going to take off any more than it has in the past,² he said.

³Once farmers are established Šthey either pick a Holstein or a Jersey, or they have a pick of both.²

He said Don and Lorelle Fry¹s dairy at Benger was a good example, with 50pc Jerseys, 50pc Holsteins.

He said the main issue discussed during the four days of meetings and farm tours was milk prices.

³Prices are the biggest thing that we have struck here, most dairy farmers around here are about 28c a litre, and that is compared to 40c in the eastern states,² he said.

Also discussed was a move to establish a national Jersey body to consolidate revenues and promotion and concerns that Jersey cattle were not heading in the right direction structurally.


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