Lactanz sale on hold

25 Apr, 2013 02:00 AM

THE owners of WA's biggest dairy could be forced to take the property off the market by the end of next month.

Lactanz Dairy was put up for sale late last year but lack of interest saw the price slashed by 10 per cent in early April.

It has now been revealed that unless there was a Memorandum of Understanding in place by the end of May, the property would be taken off the market until 2017.

Contracts between Lactanz and Brownes Dairy mean the processor has control of the milk supply for the next five years, which has complicated the sale.

Elders agent Noel Jones said in 2017 when the Brownes contract was expired they would try again.

"Having that contract attached to the milk supply creates uncertainly," Mr Jones said.

"People want to buy the farm, they want the milk and they want to send the milk wherever they require.

"They want to turn it into powder or UHT but they can't with these contracts.

"Even though the price has been reduced it is a big ask."

Lactanz Dairies consists of four farms in Scott River and supports the largest combined dairy herd in WA with more than 4000 milking cows.

It is also the largest single milk supplier to Brownes.

The four properties currently operate under individual share-milking arrangements.

Initially Rosmerta Pty Ltd was offering the Lactanz Dairies, and improvements, for $30 million, which was reduced to $27m earlier this month.

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25/04/2013 8:28:43 AM, on Farm Weekly

yep, its funny how investors were going show to us wa dairyfarmers how to milk cows. its also funny that my farm is not for sale.


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