Milk quota man back in court over deregulation

23 Jan, 2002 10:00 PM

A FORMER milk quota lessor who appeared in the Supreme Court late last year to argue his case for damages against WAFarmers for causing deregulation of the WA dairy industry has made the claim again.

This time Pino Gangemi and wife Francesca have enlisted a lawyer to prepare and lodge the Substituted Statement of Claim.

The Gangemis are claiming damages from dairy deregulation, which cancelled their 2600L milk quota and wiped out more than $200,000 a year in income.

The former dairy farmers had leased their quota after retiring in 1996.

According to the Substituted Statement of Claim, the Gangemis are claiming for loss and damages on grounds of causation, misleading and deceptive conduct in trade or commerce and negligence and or breach of duty.

Damages will be sought under the Trade Practices Act and Fair Trading Act.

The claims focus around WAFarmers role in deregulation.

This included the decision of the previous State Government to take a request from WAFarmers dairy section president Danny Harris to deregulate, as a request from industry.

Mr Gangemi, who is not a member of WAFarmers, said he had decided to lodge his claim through a lawyer because the defendant was trying to strike out his claim based on legal technicalities.

WAFarmers lawyers, who were not available for comment, were understood to have requested an adjournment to study the claim.

The interlocutory stage of proceedings, where claims can either be struck out or settled before a trial date is set, was being presided over by master Bredmeyer.


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