New program to help dairy farmers survive the season

28 Apr, 2009 01:26 PM

A significant joint industry program, co-ordinating current activities while adding substantially to the support available to farmers, has been put in place by the dairy industry.

According to Dairy Australia, the program is aimed at assisting dairy farmers to better understand and manage the impact of drought and the global economic crisis on their business.

While a central part of the Dealing with Today: Planning for Tomorrow initiative is to supports farmers in the drought-stricken Murray Darling Basin, much of the information is relevant to dairy farmers everywhere.

"As well as key market information around likely milk pricing positions, the sessions include consideration of the factors influencing the pricing and availability of our key dairy inputs over the next six months as these will play a strong role in determining farm profitability over the foreseeable future," Murray Dairy chairman Jeff Odgers said.

"Critically, there will be discussions around how this information is best utilised in decision making over the next several months."

Rob Mulhern, a South Australian producer, said a key message from the program "was the need to get back to basics and do these well".

Dr Mike Ginnivan, chief executive of Dairy Australia, emphasised the critical importance of farmers, service providers and the financial community all having a shared understanding of the situation.

"We are trying to provide sound and clear information as in times like these, misconceptions, myths and unnecessarily pessimistic assessments around some key issues can significantly contribute to the stress farmers are under," he said.

Dairy Australia


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