Online information tool for dairy

31 May, 2015 02:00 AM

DAIRY Australia's much touted free DairyBase online information tool for farmers went live Australia-wide on Monday.

Dairy farmers can log on and input their financials and the physical information about their farms - land area, cow numbers, milk production, irrigation water and costs and feed quantities used or purchased and related costs.

Farmers can choose to use DairyBase as a secure financial and farm records database for their personal use, or share the information with industry-based researchers or Dairy Australia.

They can also benchmark their operation against other dairy farms by setting suitable parameters.

Benchmark comparison farm information is shown anonymously but, depending on the parameters chosen, enables one farmer to see if other farms of similar size and with similar herds are doing something different that makes them more profitable.

Dairy Australia will also use DairyBase to communicate directly with farmers to promote technical and industry information.

Dairy Australia media manager Mark Pearce said DairyBase was a national extension of programs trialled in Victoria and NSW.

"We've got it up and running live without any problems,'' he said.

"We'll probably give it a big promotional splash the second week in June to encourage farmers to log on.

"It's quite revolutionary for the industry in some ways."

A webinar is scheduled for next Tuesday to demonstrate the features of DairyBase to interested farmers.

p For information on the webinar or DairyBase go to


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