Raw milk for sale - but don't try to drink it

14 Aug, 2012 06:47 AM

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Perth people bathe in milk regularly, or so they say.

Perth Organics is just one of the companies that sell raw milk; they sell hundreds of litres of it each week.

Raw milk is milk in its unpasteurised natural form - and it is illegal to sell for consumption.

Perth Organics, run by husband and wife team David and Lisa Bolt and based in Lesmurdie sell the milk for cosmetic purposes.

A disclaimer on their website points out exactly what the milk should be used for.

"Note that unpasteurised milk is sold only for purposes such as bathing milk or cosmetic milk as recommended by the Australian Health Dept. Those that mention that purchase is for human consumption purposes, will not be supplied," the website says.

The topic is so contentious Mrs Bolt does not even discuss whether she drinks raw milk.

She does however admit that she thinks the matter of whether raw milk can be sold for consumption should be reviewed.

Mrs Bolt said she respected the law that was in place but said it was quite strict.

"You sell a can of cat food and tell people it is pet food, if they are going to eat it, that's their choice, they are choosing to take that risk," she said.

Mrs Bolt said the company sourced the milk from farms in the south-west and there was a big demand for it.

"We sell whatever we can get," Mrs Bolt said.

Some believe raw milk is a healthier option to drinking pastuerised milk because of its nutritional content.

A group called the Australia Alliance for Raw Milk is made up of farmers and consumers who believe they should have the freedom to choose what food or drink they consume, including raw milk.

"We believe in our right to farm our own private land and trade/share the produce with others without undue government or corporate interference," their Facebook page says.

Their page directs people looking for raw milk in Western Australia to Perth Organics.

Associate professor in health sciences Sebely Pal said she recommended that if a person had access to pasteurised milk, they should drink pasteurised milk rather than raw milk.

"If it's not pasteurised it can have bacteria and viruses which children are especially susceptible to," she said.

"It's best not to take chances.

"In the old days there were higher incidences of tuberculosis and other diseases that we think could've been from drinking unpasteurised milk."

Associate professor Pal admitted that people in countries such as India drank unpasteurised milk but there was little research done into the effects of it.

She said it was difficult to assess the rate of disease without comparing people from the same population drinking pasteurised and unpasteurised milk, which would be illegal in Australia.

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14/08/2012 7:15:47 AM, on Farm Weekly

Animal health is light-years ahead of the early 20th century, and so is the integrity of the refrigerated supply chain. Some regulations made sense 100 years ago, but less so now. It is time to allow for more consumer choice, also allowing enterprising producers more scope to find new business opportunities.
Ian Mott
14/08/2012 8:03:41 AM, on Farm Weekly

The main justification for the ban on unpasteurised milk sales is over the spread of bovine Tuberculosis. It made sense 70 years ago but TB is now very rare and is entirely treatable. In fact, the research is clear that the very small proportion of treatment failures are the result of failure to maintain the medication for the full length of the treatment period. All the other identified threats, at both herd and customer level, are also entirely treatable. To continue with a ban long after the circumstances have changed is clearly an improper exercise of power.
14/08/2012 2:03:44 PM, on Farm Weekly

The Australian Alliance for Raw Milk (AUS-ARM) does is not promote and is not affiliated with Perth Organics, nor does Perth Organics have any ties to the AUS-ARM. Any posts to Perth Organics is coincidental and does not reflect the beliefs or business practices of said cosmetic dairy operation.
14/08/2012 4:54:16 PM, on Farm Weekly

i have drank raw milk for 40 years and it has harmed me im always sick and my kids drink it they are always sick yare right.milk is pasturised homoginized and bastardized. and then producers are reamed by supermarket chains
14/08/2012 4:58:28 PM, on Farm Weekly

cool fill swiming pools with the stuf and swim in it its cheaper than bottled water
15/08/2012 6:29:00 PM, on Farm Weekly

Why is the Smott always right and everyone hates me ?
15/08/2012 7:13:59 PM, on Farm Weekly

I bathe my alimentary tract with the stuff every day. We should bring this sales idea to the US.
Ian Mott
18/08/2012 9:22:13 AM, on Farm Weekly

If it hadn't been for raw milk we would never have eradicated smallpox.
20/08/2014 6:34:25 PM, on Farm Weekly

when I was 3or4 I used to drink gallons of the stuff then they had a t/ b out break and we had to boil it
11/12/2014 11:37:37 AM, on Farm Weekly

An so now we have a dead child and several very sick children. You people are intellectually challenged.
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