Searching for quality bulls

14 Sep, 2005 08:45 PM

WA diary farmers want to breed good cattle and are scouring the globe to get the best bulls, according to genetics experts at the Farmwest Dairy Discovery in Bunbury last week.

One hundred and ninety dairy operations attended the dairy field day to gather information and exchange ideas.

Australian and international genetic companies made up a large proportion of the exhibitors.

World Wide Sires has exhibited at the Farmwest Dairy Discovery for the past six years.

The genetic company imports semen from the United States, Italy, Spain and Germany, which is then sold through Farmwest.

World Wide Sires area manager (Gippsland and WA) Rick Minichiello said WA dairy farmers were looking for good functional type animals.

"I've noticed herd numbers diminish in WA, but herd sizes have increased," Mr Minichiello said.

"When increasing cattle numbers, WA dairy farmers want to breed good quality cattle.

"They are looking for the best bulls they can possibly get."

Mr Minichiello said he had noticed a change in attitude among the state's dairy farmers.

"Deregulation knocked out a lot of attitude," he said.

"The whole dairy industry copped it.

"A lot of WA dairy farmers didn't know how to react to deregulation."

Mr Minichiello said WA dairy farmers were interested in Friesian semen foremost, followed by Jersey, Brown Swiss and Guernsey.

He said Australian dairy sires were originally bred from American cattle, therefore American and Australian cattle were similar.


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