Ultrasound gives good vibrations

14 Sep, 2005 08:45 PM

AN Australian research discovery promises major advances for the dairy manufacturing industry by helping to create new health-promoting dairy ingredients through sound.

Researchers have discovered that high-frequency sound waves can change the size and shape of molecules in milk and are about to investigate whether the same technology will also change milk proteins.

According to Dairy Australia¹s dairy chain innovation program manager Phillip Marzella this finding is significant as it could earn the Australian dairy industry millions of dollars annually.

³The Australian dairy industry is at an advanced stage, ready to capitalise on new technologies such as this,² he said.

³Ultrasound technology could lead to new, high-value products made cheaply.

³Acoustically-generated reactions in the milk could help manufacturers modify dairy proteins.

³It would give Australia a leading position in creating heat-stable and uniquely functional ingredients.²

The research is supported by Dairy Australia and dairy companies through the Dairy Ingredients Group of Australia.

It is being conducted by Food Science Australia at Werribee, Victoria, and the University of Melbourne¹s Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (funded by the Australian Research Council) research team led by Muthupandian Ashokkumar, Franz Grieser and Sandra Kentish.


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