0Most used Angus sires excel in marbling

26 Jul, 2000 03:02 PM

TWENTY of the top 25 Angus sires with the most Australian progeny recorded in the past two years have above average Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for intramuscular fat (IMF) percentage or marbling. The information on these high use sires, which account for more than 12,000 progeny, is in the latest spring 2000 Angus Group Breedplan Analysis Angus Society Breed development manager Dr Peter Parnell said the latest Breedplan results indicated Angus breeders were doing a good job in sourcing elite genetics with good marbling performance, while maintaining an excellent balance for other economically important traits. The analysis includes a massive 30pc increase in the amount of ultrasound IMF percentage data collected by breeders, compared with the previous analysis completed in January 2000. The analysis was the largest Group Breedplan analysis run by any breed and included in excess of two million performance records. The latest Angus Group Breedplan EBVs are available now on the Angus website, www.angusaustralia.com.au, which also includes comprehensive information on how to use EBVs to assist in animal selection. The searchable Angus data base contains full EBV and pedigree details of more than 650,000 animals. The Angus website also contains $index (profitability) values, using sample selection indices targeting the Japanese B3, domestic supermarket and Certified Australian Angus Beef markets. The printed version of the spring 2000 Angus Group Breedplan Directory will be available by the end of July, but is available immediately on the Angus Society website. Copies of the printed version can be ordered from the Angus Society on (02) 6772 3011. ÿ


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