$1000 for stud PD at Jolma

28 Sep, 2000 03:02 PM

A QUALITY offering of Poll Dorset rams and ewes at the Jolma stud ram sale resulted in a top price of $1000 on a stud ram and a solid 95 per cent clearance overall. A total of 144 rams were offered at last week's sale, with flock ram numbers reduced by 30 on last year, as were the stud ewes, dropped down to 12 this year. Jolma co-principal John Jasper said the stud adjusted numbers at the sale in line with market conditions. "We did not anticipate a strong inquiry so we put more young ewes into our own flock," he said. The Jasper family was happy with the sale result, considering a "fairly difficult" season and current dry conditions. Mr Jasper said the stud's Lambplan indexes had increased dramatically since introducing bloodlines from "Ohio 205", a New Zealand ram now owned by Graham Sutherland, Badgingarra. He said genetic improvements were most marked in areas of growth and leanness with the focus now being directed towards increasing muscling content into the flock. Wesfarmers Dalgety senior auctioneer John Wirth said the sale, held at Northam, was "a very solid sale right through to the end" with better clearances than last year. Vince O'Brien, Geraldton, paid top sale price of $1000 on the leading 1999-drop stud Poll Dorset ram, which had a Lambplan breeding index of 144.04 and was sired by Rene 134 of 1993. Mr O'Brien bought the ram because of its good conformation. Wesfarmers Dalgety Beacon agent Steve Wright bought a good number of the flock rams for various clients, including Rocklyn Holdings, which received seven rams to a top of $520, the top sale price on flock rams. Beacon buyers Jed and Anne Cashmore bought 12 flock rams to a top of $470 while Andrew and Kirsten Tunstill, Bimbijy station, also bought 12, ranging in price from $260-$300. The Tipperary Poll Dorset stud, Walkaway, purchased nine even flock rams to a top of $410 while Mr Wright purchased seven on behalf of Dyard Farms, Beacon, with prices ranging from $400-$490. Wesfarmers Dalgety Cunderdin agent Warren Gray was also a prominent buyer on the day, purchasing rams for various clients, including A L Carter, which received six rams at $300 (5) and $250. Mr Gray also purchased five flock rams on behalf of GJ Fullwood, also of Cunderdin, with prices ranging from $410-$480. The prices for stud ewes ranged between $80 and $160, which was paid by Oakhurst stud, Dowerin, which also bought the other stud ram for $850. Twin Creek was the other buyer of stud ewes, with its prices ranging from $80-$100.


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