$1250 peak at Kooringal Valley

28 Sep, 2000 03:04 PM

A LARGE gathering at the annual Kooringal Valley on-property ram sale pushed the top price to a huge $1250, $800 up on last year's top. The sale grossed $28,150 and had a huge clearance of 85 per cent with 60 rams selling under the hammer and the majority of the others selling right after the sale. With constant measurements and consistency in the sheep visually, breeders were encouraged to bid for the red soil stock. Kooringal Valley stud principal David Muller presented the sheep before the auction, informing interested woolgrowers that the Merryville stud, NSW, bloodlines were continuing on, with progeny on the ground looking good for next year's sale. With buyers offered both shearing and current wool tests, they were reassured that what they saw was what they were getting. "The sale had very strong bids with local support as well as places as far as Broomehill, Dowerin, and Carnamah as sheep are suited to all of these areas. The sheep were presented very well, having fine, white wool," Elders auctioneer Patrick Hannagan, Elders Moora, said. Kooringal Valley stud manager David Sawyer was also happy with the way the sale moved along, saying "we are very happy with the sale and with our four new clients. We are happy with the way the sheep turned out as are our clients," he said Mr Hannagan started the auction with an offering of a big framed sheep with well-defined wool that had a micron of 18.3. Dandaragan farmers Balgar Plains bought this for $550. Balgar Plains took another four rams with the total averaging at $610, and a gross of $3050. The top price pen was the third pen on the day, the $1250 buying a 16 micron, soft wool sheep with characteristic wool. AR Harris and Co, Dandaragan thought that this ram was worth going the distance for and won the bid. The next ram brought the second highest price along with one other ram on the day, both of these reaching $850, and going to Hughan Partners, Badgingarra, who bought five on the day. The largest quantity buyers were Moora farmers SL and DG Martin, taking with them 15 rams, 14 bought under the hammer and the final one bought after the sale. Their average price reached $390, with two of these reaching $650. Broomehill farmers DD and BH Baynes, were also volume buyers, taking home eight rams reaching a gross of $3450, with an average of $431. Wannamal farmers WG Haeusler, were not to miss out on the action, making six successful bids, the top of these fetching $650. Dandaragan farmers RB and MJ McConnell also trucked home five rams and paid $2000. Another buying five rams on the day was SE Jackson and Son, Carnamah, who averaged their prices at $375. Also quantity buyers, K and A Henning, Dowerin, took home five rams, one of these bought under the hammer and the final four being sold after the sale, with the average reaching $300.


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