$1300 Hiview ram best at Dinninup

27 Oct, 1999 09:59 AM

ELDERS auctioneer Colin Wilson set the scene for a vastly improved result at the recent Dinninup ram sale when he told buyers to give their support to breeders who had demonstrated their commitment to the sale. More studs brought more rams and, importantly, the rams were of higher quality. Buyers responded by lifting the overall Merino average by $117 and improving the clearance rate by 16 per cent. It was only the second time the fixture had been held, after a recess of one year when the mainstay of the Sunny Valley sale shifted from the district, and it was locals Perry and Sharon Corker who almost single-handedly lifted the averages to the new level. Their Hiview stud was selling only for the second time publicly and the couple turned out a team of 12 rams that would make any stud breeder proud. Existing clients responded, with Les and Helen Elliott, Chillingham Estate, Boyup Brook, paying the $1300 sale top and buying a second ram for $1000. The Elliott family has been buying from Hiview for nine years and Mr Elliott said he had maintained his flock waiting for the "big turn-around". They were joining about 1100 ewes, their clip averaged 21 microns last year and they expected this year's to be a bit finer at 20.5. The top priced ram was bought for its nourishment and length of wool staple. And there was "heaps of it". Mr Corker was pleased with the result, saying it had been the best line of rams he'd bred, and the challenge was to maintain the standard for next year. Hiview also sold rams for $1100 and $1000 to G & A Simcock, Manjimup, to bolster its average by $341 to be $818 for 11 rams sold. The passed-in ram sold before the auctioneer moved to the next team. Opening the sale was Mt Barker vendor Murray Drage, Amuri Creek stud, who sold all four rams, with three going to Glynn Bevan, Reland Pty Ltd, Manjimup, for $700 (2) and $650 to give the stud a $588 average. The most consistent sale of the day belonged to Des Chapman, Beaufortvale stud, Mayanup, who cleared his 10-ram team without hesitation under competition from five buyers. His $530 average equalled that of last year. Beaufortvale's $800 top was paid by AD & BM Askew, Boyup Brook, who bought a second ram at $550. First-time vendors Terry and Sue Dawes, Talye, Kojonup, who have now made the sale their main selling centre, brought with them a spread of buyers from outside the district. Their $1200 top price was set by two buyers < RJ & CM Beattie, Yealering, and Woodenbillup Grazing, Kojonup. Other good prices were $1100 paid by Golden Vale Farms, Narrogin; $1150 paid by AJ Harrison, Kojonup; and $950 paid by Santarita Orchards. Talye cleared 16 of its 20 rams offered for a $756 average. Bob Samwell's Boree Downs, Boyup Brook, sold one ram for $250 to Merino Enterprises, Bridgetown. J & D Corker, Silverdale stud, Boyup Brook, sold a single ram for $250 to JG & PD Pottinger, Boyup Brook. Ken Sprigg's Marton stud, Boyup Brook, jointly topped the superfine category of the sale when one of his four rams sold for $1000 to Henry Trust, Boyup Brook. Roland Ritson, Boyup Brook, equalled this price when he sold three of his four-ram offering to a $1000 top to Rockliffe Grazing Co, Kojonup. His Grindon stud averaged $650. The Grange stud travelled from West Swan and distinguished itself by clearing all six superfine rams with a $525 top, paid by two buyers, Rockliffe Grazing and Shane King, Darkan. The two full-wool rams that led the superfine offering sold for $425 and $400 to NC Hill Yealering. Windy weather, too miserable for farming or shearing, ensured there was a big crowd at the sale, but it was more for a social day out than for buying terminal sires. The auctioneer fast tracked the sale by offering two pens at a time, but supply far outweighed the demand. Robyn White gave the prime lamb sire offering a good start, with nine of her Blackwood White Suffolks selling to a $430 top, paid by Charlie Gordon, Boyup Brook. Mr Gordon bought his first White Suffolks last year and, after seeing an big difference when the lambs came through at marking time, decided to buy four more. He also paid $390 and $370 (2). Blackwood scored the $372 top average and, for the rest of the vendors, it was all down hill from there. Chris and Jan Mead, Mirrabooka Poll Dorset stud, Boyup Brook, were among the top performers who cleared all 10 rams, although two rams were negotiated privately. At auction they averaged $323 and sold for a $350 top to WM & CM Robertson, Boyup Brook. Ironstone Ridge Poll Dorset stud, owned by Peter Samwell, Boyup Brook, sold four rams for up to $300 paid by DJ & RP Gibbs, Dinninup. Mordallup Poll Dorset stud, owned by Graham Muir, Manjimup, sold all six rams to RB Korn & Co, Boyup Brook, for up to $300. Thys Gorter's Tamasha Poll Dorset stud, Kojonup, sold two rams for $300 to TR & KA Bleechmore, Boyup Brook. DJ Corker, Waka Doo Poll Dorset stud, Boyup Brook, sold six rams for $250 to GC & CA Bleechmore, Boyup Brook. Jim and Jan Glover, Jim Jan , Moodiarrup, was the only one of the four Texet studs to sell rams when two went for $250 to GC & CA Bleechmore. ÿ


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