$3050 Merino tops Cramphorne

28 Sep, 2000 03:02 PM

QUALITY was rewarded at last week's Cramphorne ram sale where a top sale price of $3050 and a 93 per cent clearance was recorded along with both Merino and Poll Merino categories gaining higher averages than last year. Elders stud stock auctioneer Kim McDougall said there was active bidding throughout the sale, with good clearances and a "good healthy average" to finish. Cramphorne studmaster Graham Kerse was equally happy with this year's sale result. "It's good to see people interested in breeding to better their wool," he said. "Clients are more after the quality and the top buyers were strictly chasing a longer, finer type of wool with good nourishment," he said. Mr Kerse said, while the Cramphorne stud's bloodlines were mainly Collinsville (with an introduction of Angenup in the past 10 years), the stud was heading towards soft rolling skins in order "to go finer" with a Merryville type of wool. "We are trying to go finer with more definition towards a softer wool," he said. Yerecoin farmer John Woods purchased the top priced ram, a Merino, for its low wool micron (18.7) and soft wool handling. The comfort factor and coefficient of variation on the top ram was 99.6pc and 17.7, respectively. Mr Woods also selected another five rams, with one at $400 and others higher priced in a range of $750-$950. Muntagin Farming Company bought a total of 14 rams at the sale, with top prices of $1200 on the Merinos and $1500 on a Poll Merino ram, the top price in the category and which had a comfort factor of 99.2 and an autumn wool micron reading of 20.2. Arthur Panizza, South Yilgarn, bought 14 rams in an even price line across both the Poll Merino and Merino rams on which his top price was $600. His other purchases were mainly bought at prices ranging between $300 and $400, producing an average of $339. This year's averages of $590 for the Merinos and $660 for the Poll Merinos compared well to last year's $562 and $483, respectively. Elders Katanning stud stock representative Russell McKay was bidding for Narembeen farmer Ian Mortimore, who bought a good line of Merinos rams for prices ranging from $400 to $1050. Jeff Butler, Bruce Rock, was also a major buyer on the day, with his tally at the end of the sale coming to 12 rams, with a top price of $950 on a stylish Merino ram. His purchases, which averaged $500, included both Merino and Poll Merino rams and bought on account KW & MA Butler, while Shearing & Co, Bruce Rock, purchased seven Merinos to a top of $850. FOOTNOTE: Owing to a production malfunction, photographs taken at this sale could not be developed.


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