$5100 buck top for Saxon Downs

26 Jul, 2000 03:02 PM

THE quality of the genetics at Chittering Boer goat stud Saxon Downs is recognised across the country and this was amply demonstrated recently when an outstanding 11-month-old buck was sold to a Victorian buyer for $5100. The buck, imported from South Africa as an embryo with Braam Maritz's 931 Bloem and E740 as parents, was bought by Wesfarmers Dalgety's Mick Doak on behalf of Victoria's Mercol Angora Stud, Moriac, during the Saxon Downs sale at the Claremont Showgrounds. The top priced animal was from the same mating as the 2000 Sydney Royal Show Junior Champion buck and doe. This price was nearly matched by the same purchaser, who later paid $5000 for a buck, which had been selected for the Saxon Downs American program in May. The two animals were part of a high quality offering of 40 1999-drop animals that went under the hammer as Saxon Downs "clears the decks" in preparation for an infusion of new South African genetics that principals Gordon and Joan Palmer believe will set new benchmarks for Boer goats in Australia. "What we have coming on stream in 2001 is simply outstanding ‹ clearly the best Boer genetics to come out of South Africa," Gordon said. Whatever the future holds, the 30 bucks and 10 does that went across the auction floor on a cold and windy Saturday afternoon were very well presented and Wesfarmers Dalgety auctioneer Dennis Roberts said they reflected the remarkable progress the Boer industry was making in WA. The sale was dominated by eastern states buyers, with Mick Doak spending the entire fixture with a phone at his ear, putting in bids on behalf of studs in NSW and Victoria. One of these, ADC Boers, NSW, was the sale's volume buck buyer, compiling a team of 16 and paying a top of $1250 for a male that came from the same mating as the top price animal. ADC took away another two at $800, one at $750, another at $700 and the rest at $500. South Australia's Green Valley Boers opened the day's proceedings, buying the first 1999-drop buck for $850, then jumped in three lots later to pick up a brother of the top priced buck for $1150. Elaine Methuen was also buying on behalf of Green Valley and she picked up another brother of the sale topper for $800, followed by a son of Kare PS50 and Kare GL130 for $750. Another South Australian buyer Abigail Stokes was impressed by what Saxon Downs had to offer, outlaying $3700 for another 931 Bloem-E740 offspring, while JD Campbell, Mathoura, NSW, showed faith in the standard of the genetics by paying $1800 for a progeny of Braam Maritz's 554 and E765. JH & CC Usher, Homerule, NSW, rounded off the out-of-state domination of the buck catalogue, picking up a son of Nico Botha's Kare PS5 and Kare BP69 for $500. The local charge was led by Bridgetown's Southlands Boers, who paid $1000 for a 931 Bloem-E740 son after narrowly missing out on one of the top priced bucks in a spirited bidding war. The other WA interest came from GBG Rural, Dalkeith, KD Holdings, Wooroloo, and Redwood Enterprises, Parkerville, who paid $800, $750 and $500, respectively, for their bucks. The doe part of the catalog was smaller in number but just as eagerly sought by eastern interests, with ADC Boers twice paying $1150 for a daughter of Braam Maritz's 554 and E768 and a daughter of Nico Botha's Kare OJ99 and Kare PS46. The same buyer was again the key player, paying $1050 and $750 (twice). The rest of the does went to two studs on opposite sides of the country ‹ JH & CC Usher, NSW, bought three for $1050 and $500 (twice) with the high price being paid for a daughter of the same sire that produced the Junior champion at the 2000 South African World Championship. The other buyer was Parkerville's Redwood Enterprises, which spent $1100 and $600 for two does. Gordon Palmer said, while values were not as high as he expected, the sale met the market and he was pleased with the 93 per cent buck clearance and the 100pc doe clearance.


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