$700 high for White Suffolk

27 Oct, 1999 09:59 AM

WHITE Suffolk rams and ewes sold above expectations at the Cameo White Suffolk reduction sale at Mt Barker last week. The reduction was made because of the vendor's property being partly subdivided. The sale stock were presented in excellent condition and brought praise from a pioneer of the breed in WA, Bronte Gardiner, Ida Vale stud, Boscabel. In opening the sale, Mr Gardiner said there were now more than 400 breeders of White Suffolk across Australia. "More than 65 per cent of all prime lambs in Australia are sired by White Suffolk rams," Mr Gardiner said. "And these are out of straight Merino ewes." The sale offering included two stud rams, 36 specially selected rams and 81 ewes. It was a 16-month-old ram sired by Leachim 135 which made top price of $700 when bought by Robert and Stacey Bush, Mt Barker. In March 1999, they founded their Rhos Gwyn stud and were also active on the ewe offering. A second stud ram was bought by KM and EE Forbes, Mt Baker, for $600, before buying four of the specially selected rams at $390 for two and $320 for two. Other sales of the 36 specially selected rams included: the top selling $460 for two bought by SD and AW Howie and Sons, Many Peaks; P Wishart, Porongorup, two at $400, two at $340 and two at $250; Capecup Grazing Company, Mt Barker, two at $400 and two at $320; M Cavanagh, Tenterden, two at $420; and N Heffernan, Woogenellup, $380 for two and two at $340. Among the stud ewes, W Toovey, Tenterden, paid the top price $200 for one. Among the other sales were TJ and RJ Argent, Karlgarin, $160 for three and one at $130; KM and EE Forbes, Mt Baker, $150, $140 and $130 for three; and WE and J McGowan, Takalarup, one at $140. The 1998 drop ewes saw KM and EE Forbes pay $170 four times, while TJ and RJ Argent paid $160 for two; R and S Bush, Mt Barker, $150 for two and $130 for two; and D Barclay, Napier, two at $130. Of the 1997 drop, R and S Bush, took two at $180 to average $148 for 10; W Toovey one at $140; TJ and RJ Argent, two at $170, two at $100 and four at $90; D Barclay, two at $100 and two at $90; and WE and J McGowan, two at $140. TJ and RJ Argent bought two 1996 drop ewes at $110; KM and EE Forbes, two at $140; and D Barclay, two at $100, four at $60 and two at $80.


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