$950 for kolindale ram

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

THERE was a confident start to the 2-tooth selling season when rams sold to a top of $950 at last Friday's Kolindale ram sale at Bencubbin. In light of the current wool market, the top price and clearance of rams was a positive result for Kolindale stud principal Colin Lewis. Wesfarmers Dalgety auctioneer Dennis Roberts said despite cropping being a priority in the Bencubbin and surrounding areas, farmers were still positive about their sheep. "It was obvious bidders were chasing the better-wooled sheep with the lower micron and softer wool, as bidders competed strongly on these sheep," Mr Roberts said. The sale's top price of $950 was paid for a Poll Merino ram with excellent constitution and 20.08 micron by long-term clients Somerford Park Grazing Company, Trayning. Owen and Roland Gent, trading as Somerford Park Grazing Company, bought five rams at the sale, including the first ram offered for $800 and and a low micron, high comfort factor sire also for $800. The Poll Merinos sold well with 77 percent clearance, the first eight rams averaging $700. Clover Oaks, Cuballing, was the bulk buyer of the sale, buying 10 Kolindale rams, including the second top price of $925 and one for $800. Cooper Walker, Bencubbin, also bought a large draft of rams, investing in nine for an average of $391. Kalkoup Farms, Wialki, increased their investment from two rams last year to five this year, including the top price Merino ram for $825, which had a low micron of 18.6, comfort factor of 0.25pc and a 77.27pc yield. Ted and Murray Clausen made the short trip from Yelbini to Bencubbin and bought seven rams, including a Poll Merino ram with excellent depth and length for $850. The Merino rams did not have as good a clearance as the Polls, but averaged $415, up $58 on last year. ÿ


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