ABARES livestock outlook

08 Mar, 2013 02:00 AM

GLOBAL recognition of the value of Australia’s high quality food will drive export demand and help break down export barriers, delegates at this year's agricultural Outlook 2013 conference were told.

Australian Farm Institute executive director Mick Keogh said a promising food export future would result when international consumers were familiar with the quality of Australian produce, particularly when seizing the opportunities offered by new markets such as Asia and India.

Click on the links below for breakdowns of the beef, dairy, sheepmeat and wool forecasts:

  • ABARES outlook: Beef
  • ABARES outlook: Dairy
  • ABARES outlook: Sheepmeat
  • ABARES outlook: Wool
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    what a joke! of all the things this bloke could address in the media, a bloke in charge of the
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    It would be nice if CBH shareholders had the same luxury to pull their membership from the
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    Rob. As Bill says, what you do with your time and resources is YOUR choice and no one else's to