Action backs Q Lamb

15 Sep, 2004 10:00 PM

ACTION Supermarkets entered the WA Q Lamb alliance in 1997 and have been selling and promoting WA Q Lamb ever since.

When the WA Q Lamb alliance started in 1995, 11 producers belonged to the alliance and supplied 20,000 lambs on an annual basis and

That number has grown to about 200 producers supplying 140,000 lambs annually.

According to Action Supermarkets meat manager Brett King, quality and consistency are paramount from a retailer's perspective.

"Ultimately we are trying to deliver to the consumer what they want, good quality, large lean lambs," Mr King said.

"For us the WA Q Lamb concept is perfect because it allows us a consistent, quality supply of lamb for 12 months of the year."

Mr King said Action carried a large range of lamb and is continuing to develop new products.

"In order to maintain a competitive edge at a retail level our focus is on presentation, packaging and product innovations," he said.

"We have a minimum of 15 different products in our lamb range and we are further developing a flavour marinated lamb product along with an easy carve leg and shoulder product.

"Interaction with WA Q Lamb alliance producers is very important to us and we like them to come and see the finished product on supermarket shelves so they can see the end result of all their hard work."

Action Supermarkets now have 38 stores statewide from Broome to Busselton that stock WA Q Lamb.


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