Action plan attacked

27 Nov, 2002 10:00 PM

A GOVERNMENT action plan to improve live shipping mortality rates has failed to address key issues facing the industry, according the Cattle Council of Australia.

The plan to improve animal welfare and risk assessment procedures came under attack at the CCA annual general meeting last week, where industry members viewed the recommendations for the first time.

But it was a systematic breakdown in management that remained at the heart problems within the export industry, according to WAFarmers Federation CCA representative Mike Norton.

Mr Norton - who presented the plan to members at the AGM - said the action plan had been compiled without any consultation with producers and failed to look at some of the rudimentary issues, which plagued the industry.

One of the biggest problems was that Livecorp was funded under a voluntary levy scheme, which left it at the mercy of the same people it was meant to police.

"It is part of their role is to certify exporters and if there's any fall down, they have to administer disciplinary measures," Mr Norton said.

"That impacts on the credibility of the company to operate in an open and aggressive manner."

Mr Norton said CCA planned to call for a compulsory levy system and improved quality assurance schemes.

"If QA is working properly you won't have any of these problems," he said.


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