AGRICULTURE Minister Kim Chance has turned his back on the pig industry in WA and effectively left s

15 Feb, 2007 07:00 PM

But Mr Chance has failed to approve funding or support a future live pig auction facility.

Despite the best efforts of agents Primaries, the Australian Pig Breeders Association (APBA) and the WA Meat Industry Authority (WAMIA) to find an alternative venue for future selling, Mr Chance has said he did not believe a pig auction facility was financially viable with current throughput numbers.

Before Christmas, Mr Chance promised to help search for a new facility to accommodate the desires of small pig producers, which make up about 80pc of total producers, but only 2pc of actual pig numbers.

Mr Chance said his decision was made after a review into alternative options for pig sales conducted by the WAMIA.

³The authority is attempting to keep pig auctions operating at Midland for as long as pos-sible to give the remaining pig producers who use the saleyard more time to develop alterna-tive marketing arrangements,² Mr Chance said.

³However, the Midland sale-yard must eventually be closed and new pig auction facilities will not be established by government.²

The pig pens at Midland saleyards were closed due to a WorkSafe prohibition notice and are unlikely to be available for future sales until at least April, Mr Chance said.

APBA spokesman Chris Dodoff said he was disappoin-ted Mr Chance did not have the decency to speak to producers who sold or bought at Midland before coming to the conclusion not to fund another facility.

Mr Dodoff said Mr Chance actions went against the values of the Labor Party, which were to fight for the little man ‹ the small producer ‹ not big business.


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