All quality at IRA vealer sale

27 Nov, 2013 01:00 AM
One of the original sale vendors John Bendotti (left), G & B Bendotti, Pemberton and Independent Rural Agents Pemberton principal, Colin Thexton, inspect the draft of 130 Angus steer and heifer vealers to be offered at the 22nd annual IRA premier vealer and breeder sale on Monday, December 2, on AuctionsPlus.
Cattle will be offered and sold under the AuctionsPlus system
One of the original sale vendors John Bendotti (left), G & B Bendotti, Pemberton and Independent Rural Agents Pemberton principal, Colin Thexton, inspect the draft of 130 Angus steer and heifer vealers to be offered at the 22nd annual IRA premier

THE 22ND annual Independent Rural Agents (IRA) Pemberton's premier vealer and breeder sale will be held on Monday, December 2, starting at 1.30pm.

Once again a quality catalogue of 1000 mixed-sex beef vealers and various specially-selected breeding heifer and mature cow lines will be offered and sold under the AuctionsPlus system.

Buyers can view the sale from their own homes or office, but IRA Pemberton principal and AuctionsPlus level one professional assessor Colin Thexton, and his family, extend a warm invitation to everyone to view the sale live on a big screen at the Pemberton Sports Club.

The IRA sale has grown to be one of the State's largest and premier outlets for vealer cattle.

With an excellent feed season in most parts of the South West, the cattle are once again in the prime condition that the sale has built its reputation on.

The cattle will come from areas including Pemberton, Northcliffe, Manjimup, Balingup, Mayanup and Boyup Brook.

For the fourth consecutive year, the sale will feature the entire catalogue of vealers, breeding heifers and cows free of hormone growth promotants (HGP).

All cattle are either polled or dehorned, have been treated with cobalt and selenium, drenched in the last six weeks, vaccinated twice with 7in1 and weaned about two weeks before the sale.

Unweaned lines will be clearly identified to buyers.

The majority on offer will be drafted to ideally suit lotfeeders and grass fatteners with specified weight ranges, along with this season's first drafts of vealers to suit the trade.

There will also be a number of specially-selected lines to suit producers for future breeding.

A big advantage of selling or purchasing cattle on the AuctionsPlus system is that buyers know the cattle have been individually weighed and assessed and immediately returned to their mother or paddock and therefore with no stress factor.

When the cattle are sold, they are picked up on-farm and taken straight to farm, feedlot or abattoirs, therefore minimising the handling and stress on the animal.

New vendor to the sale Remo and Eileen Pessotto, Manjimup, will offer one of the larger drafts of calves at the sale with 150 mixed sex weaners.

The late March to May-drop calves are all by Black Simmental sires and from the Pessotto family's self-replacing polled Angus and Simmental-Angus cow herd.

The calves were yard-weaned on November 18 and de-pastured onto paddocks and supplemented with hay.

Mr Thexton said the calves will be drafted into suitable weight ranges for grass fatteners and lotfeeders.

Original sale vendor G & B Bendotti, Pemberton, will offer 130 Angus steer and heifer vealers aged between eight and 10 months at the sale.

An opportunity to tap into Bendotti's Angus breeding exists with the offering of specially-selected lines of unjoined Angus heifers and 36 PTIC rising seventh calving Angus cows, to be offered in lines of 12.

These proven females are by the sire Circle A 2000 and are PTIC to a New Generation sire and due to calve from January 4 to March 20, 2014.

The Bendottis have been running a closed female herd for more than three decades with 1973 marking the last time females were purchased onto the property.

The Bendottis are avid commercial Angus breeders and source top sires from Koojan Hills, Strathtay, New Generation and Lawsons studs to back up a synchronised AI program.

Another opportunity to acquire genuine breeders due to a herd reduction exists from fellow original sale vendor D Bendotti & Sons, Pemberton.

In addition to 50 quality mixed sex Angus-Hereford vealers aged between eight and 11 months, the Bendotti family will offer 16 Angus-Hereford rising 2yo heifers that are PTIC to a Strathtay Angus bull and due to calve from January onwards for 10 weeks.

Mr Thexton said it was a fantastic opportunity to source genuine breeders from two of the State's premier commercial Angus and Hereford herds whose sale cattle attracted return buyers every year.

Mayanup grazier Henderson-Glendale is among the largest vendors of the sale with 130 mixed sex Angus, Hereford-Angus and Braford-Angus vealers, aged eight to nine months.

Mr Thexton said a number of specially-selected heifer lines will also be hand-picked from the Henderson-Glendale draft and recommended as future breeders.

Eighty Angus mixed sex but mainly steer vealers will make up the account of Collins Brothers, Pemberton.

The Strathtay and Lawsons blood calves are aged between eight and 10 months.

The Southwest Timbers, Northcliffe, annual draft will comprise of 50 mixed sex Angus vealers aged between eight and 10 months and are by Strathtay sires.

Mr Thexton said Southwest Timbers was another vendor to keep an out eye out for with a number of specially-selected breeding heifers.

Original sale vendor and Northcliffe producer R & M Kemp will offer 70 mixed-sex trade weight vealers.

These soft, well-muscled and high-yielding, mainly Charolais and smaller numbers of Charolais-cross calves, are aged between eight and 10 months and are by Copplestone and Quicksilver Charolais sires.

Sixty Angus mixed sex vealers, by Strathtay Angus sires and from Koojan Hills-bred females, aged between eight and 10 months, will be offered by DW & MA Radomiljac, Pemberton.

The Radomiljac heifers have consistently been purchased as breeders at past sales and specially selected heifers will be offered again at this year's sale.

JCC Love Family Trust, Pemberton, will offer 80 mixed sex Angus vealers aged eight to 10 months.

The calves are sired by Strathtay bulls and from females acquired from fellow sale vendors G & B Bendotti and DW & MA Radomiljac.

Mr Thexton said there would be some suitable breeding heifer lines offered at the sale.

Sixty mixed sex vealers aged eight to 10 months, will be offered by Cale Enterprises, Northcliffe, with the calves mainly Angus and Hereford-Angus.

Another new face to the sale is SC Nix, Mayanup, who will be offering 50 South Devon steer weaners.

The 10-month-old calves were weaned and drenched and administered B12 and 7in1 on November 1.

Mr Thexton said the calves showed no set back from weaning and were proven performers on both grass or grain.

A small line of 20 mainly Limousin-Hereford and Limousin-Angus mixed-sex vealers, aged seven to nine months, will be offered by MR & EM Walker, Balingup.

The Walker family use chemical-free and bio-friendly fertilisers and the results speak for themselves with abundant green feed, silage and hay at the property reflected in the cattle condition.

Other vendors to offer vealers in the sale include CD Mottram & Son, J, JM & DA MacDonald, MJ Rice, EJ & P Liddelow, Mrs F Detri and S Varnavides.

Mr Thexton's said he would like to see the major supermarkets also sourcing their cattle at auction.

"As a passionate believer in the WA beef industry, I would just like to say how disappointed I feel, that the major supermarket chains continue as an almost closed shop - only operating with direct sales and minimal or no support of the auction system," Mr Thexton said.

"One of the most important strengths of AuctionsPlus and saleyards is that it provides a clear and transparent market signal for all producers.

"If increased numbers of cattle and sheep continue to be traded direct to works then we will end up like the pig industry where there is basically no market signal other than the information that some producers are prepared to disclose.

"And the number of pigs sold by public auction throughout Australia is almost non-existent.

"It therefore makes all producers price-takers and not price-makers."

Mr Thexton said the WA processing sector (abattoirs) faced a huge discrepancy in the cost of electricity and gas compared to the eastern seaboard.

"A million dollar gas and electricity bill in WA would cost about $250,000 in the Eastern States," he said.

"Processors feel this and unfortunately these costs have to be passed on.

"It's about time the State Government became more supportive of high energy-using industries and small businesses in WA as they employ a large number of people."

Mr Thexton said he appreciated the loyal support he had received over many years from his clients and the WA-based processors, lotfeeders, backgrounders and live export operators.

"I would like to thank the vendors who have supported me over the years and been prepared to invest in improved genetics to ensure that the cattle produced achieve all the industry standards now required," he said.

"And with the support of my family, we have developed one of the best independent livestock agencies in WA and we look forward to continuing these strong business relationships in the future."

p Catalogues and photos will be available on the AuctionsPlus website at or by contacting Colin Thexton, 9776 1125 or 0428 915 468.



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