Alternative isn't pretty

20 Oct, 2004 10:00 PM

Terry Blake, Katanning, said: "What are our alternatives? Australian Wool Innovation is spending x number of dollars on a chemical protein for mulesing but perhaps they should spend some on education programs to make the noisy minority understand why we do it. Fly strike is not nice.

ìThe only answer to not mulesing at the moment is chemicals either to kill the flies or remove the wool.

"We do a mild tail strip unless a sheep has a lot of wrinkles, then we take off more and we do all our sheep including wethers because the first 18 months of life is when they are most vulnerable.

"There is the possibility of breeding a sheep that has less wool around the breech.

"That will take time but pure economics will force farmers to breed sheep that are easier care. Do the Greenies want us to breed a sheep without wool?

"I wonder whether they will stop us cutting off their tails."


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