Angus conference to explore future

28 Jun, 2000 11:08 AM

BEEF cattle producers from all states have registered for the Setting Future Directions Angus Conference, to be held at Wagga Wagga, NSW, on July 26 and 27. This is the first of what will become an annual event, moving from state to state to brief beef cattle producers on the progress made and the developments planned for the Angus breed. All participants in the beef cattle industry, regardless of breed affiliations, are welcome to attend. "This conference will carry strong messages for the entire industry and has been structured to provide valuable information to commercial producers thinking of using Angus bulls, right through to producers considering entering the seedstock industry," Angus Society general manager Graham Truscott said. The conference will also give members the opportunity to contribute to the decision making process of the Society, with the conference to be followed by a federal council meeting. The conference will include visits to the Jindalee Feedlot and processing plant of Cargill Foods Australia, the licenced processor of Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB). Information for potential suppliers of cattle into CAAB will also be available. A special CAAB beef dinner will highlight the special eating qualities of Angus beef. "CAAB throughput is growing rapidly and the stringent quality assurance programs and marketing plans will be explained," Mr Truscott said. Visits to commercial Angus properties in the district will give attendees an insight to cattle production methods in the Riverina. Registrations of Angus cattle have quadrupled in the past decade and Angus now registers more cattle annually than any other breed. Registrations of most other breeds have declined during that period. "Despite that dramatic increase, we still need more Angus cattle in the system to provide cattle for the premium paying CAAB and feedlot programs," Mr Truscott said. "The conference will contain explanations as to how commercial producers become part of the production cycle." Speakers at the conference sessions will include: pMLA economic, planning and market service general manager Peter Barnard, "Future Beef Industry Directions and Opportunities for Angus Breeders". pLenards founder and executive director Lenard Poulter, "Innovative Marketing of Beef Products". pAngus breeder and graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program Lucinda Corrigan, "Profit Drivers in Commercial Beef Production". pGenetic Solutions technical director Gerard Davis, "Current and Future Impacts of Genetic Technologies on the Beef Industry". Special workshop sessions will cover marketing, led by Derek Lotz and Graham Truscott; breeding, led by Robert Campbell and Peter Parnell; and commercial production, led by John Young and Bob Dent. Registrations close on June 30 and one or two day packages are available. Registration forms containing full details, costs and accommodation availability are available now from the Angus Society, (02) 6772 3011.


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